Joseph Brodsky

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A famous Russian poet, Joseph Brodsky defected to the United States from the Soviet Union in the midst of the Cold War. He was initially exiled to an estate by trial for 'social parasitism'. After his return from exile, he left for the United States, where he wrote much famous American literature, and became the United States Poet Laureate.

Famous Quotes

During his trial, Brodsky was asked by a judge:

Judge: And what is your profession, in general?

Brodsky: I am a poet and a literary translator.

Judge: Who recognizes you as a poet? Who enrolled you in the ranks of poets?

Brodsky: No one. Who enrolled me in the ranks of humankind?

Judge: Did you study this?

Brodsky: This?

Judge: How to become a poet. You did not even try to finish high school where they prepare, where they teach?

Brodsky: I didn’t think you could get this from school.

Judge: How then?

Brodsky: I think that it ... comes from God