Juan Carlos

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Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos de Bourbon y Bourbon (January 5, 1938) was the king of Spain from 1975 to 2014. He took the crown at the end of the Franco era, and was instrumental in guiding the country safely towards democracy during a potentially volatile period. Because of this achievement, he commanded respect among the majority of Spaniards.

Juan Carlos' role in the government of Spain was mainly symbolic, in a similar way to the monarchy of the United Kingdom.


Juan Carlos is the grandson of King Alfonso XIII. He was born in Rome, Italy in 1938 and went to Spain to further his studies in 1947. In 1955 Carlos entered the General Military Academy at Zaragoza followed by the Naval Military School at Marín in Pontevedra, the General Academy of the Air at San Javier in Murcia, and the University of Madrid. In 1969 Francisco Franco decided to restore the monarchy. Two days after Franco’s death in 1975 Carlos took the throne. On June 2, 2014 he announced his resignation.

Carlos is married to Princess Sofia of Greece, with whom he has two daughters and one son, Felipe VI, his throne successor.[1]


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