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Kamala Harris is a United States Senator from California. As of 2017, Harris is the leading fundraiser being bred by rich Democrat donors to challenge Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Harris qualifications consist of completing the parties efforts to forge an alliance of feminists and the black civil rights movement, maintain the party's commitment to identity politics, divisiveness, and racist targeting of white males as the "root of all evil". Harris opposes DNC reform. Unlike Sen. Elizabeth Warren's cultural appropriation of American Indian heritage, Harris is the real deal, being both a woman and an actual minority.

Harris is an articulate spokesperson for unhinged leftist rage and the anti-Trump resistance movement. Harris has used vulgar and profane language in public.[1] This was despite her condemning Republican's values.

Harris gained the financial backing of Marxist and socialist supporters of Bernie Sanders early as a 2020 Democratic hopeful.

Early career

Harris began her rise in politics as the lover of 60-year-old corrupt California Assembly Speaker Willie Brown at the age of 29.


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