Republic of Kiribati

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Republic of Kiribati

Flag of Kiribati.png
Arms of Kiribati.png
FlagCoat of Arms
GovernmentParliamentary Republic
Language[[English, Gilbertese]] (official)
PresidentAnote Tong
Area811 km2
Population 2011103500
GDP 2006$599 million
GDP per capita$5711
CurrencyAustralian Dollar
Internet top-level

The Republic of Kiribati, known commonly as Kiribati, is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean.[1] It is a flat country of 103,500 people lying upon a coral atoll. Kiribati stands unique as it may be the first nation to be eliminated by rising ocean levels. It is an active participant in AOSIS and the UNFCCC. In 2012, the government of Kiribati began a series of overhauls to the infrastructure and education. The primary focus of Kiribatan education is now immigration, as they prepare to abandon their nation to the waves. The government has been working with Fiji to purchase land for evacuation.

In case of Global warming alarmism, the government of Kirbati wants to move its population to Fiji.[2]


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