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LMFAO is an inexplicably popular novelty dance music duo, made up of "Redfoo" and "Skyblu". Everything about them from, their name to their music to their videos to their styling revels in celebrating the most abject degeneracy imaginable. The name of the group, in just five letters, manages to combine casual profanity with the reductive inanity that encapsulates the worst of the internet generation. Their songs celebrate excessive drinking of alcohol (with illegal drugs strongly implied), hedonism and an emphasis on living in the moment without regard for any consequences or longer-term planning.

Some specific examples of LMFAO songs include:

  • Shots - Glamorises alcohol and drunkenness.
  • Sexy and I Know It - A narcissistic dirge with an obscene video.
  • Sorry for Party Rocking - Encouragement of loud music and raucous behavior (the apology is insincere).
  • Party Rock Anthem - Equates "having a good time" with "losing one's mind".
  • Champagne Showers - More drunkenness combined with ostentatious consumption and waste.
  • I'm In Miami - Casual use of misogynistic slurs.

LMFAO's entire business plan, which has been brutally effective, appears to be based around deliberately affronting decent people and gleefully encouraging poor behavior in the young and wannabe young.

The group's styling revolves around the most ostentatious garb, including absurd hair, skin-tight leggings on men, jewelry, animal print, and brash sloganeering. The object is to draw as much attention to the wearer as possible, regardless of whether that attention is merited (and normally, it is not).

LMFAO have also featured on songs by David Guetta, and performed with Madonna at the 2012 Superbowl. Many of their videos feature a robot sidekick known as the Shufflebot.