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Liberal euphemisms are an attempt to use politically correct terminology in place of more accurate descriptions. By using euphemisms favorable to their worldview, liberals are able to steer an argument or debate in their favor, even when they advocate for what would otherwise be an unpopular or indefensible position.


  • Left-wingers frequently refer to themselves as "liberals" or "progressives", and they avoid the less pleasant but more accurate terms of "socialist" or "leftist"
  • The terms "abortion", "euthanasia", and "assisted suicide" are all euphemisms for murder, the immoral taking of a human life.
  • "Pro-choice" is a euphemism for "pro-abortion" or even "pro-murder"
  • "Reproductive rights" and "women's healthcare" are euphemisms for "abortion"
  • "Gay" is a euphemism for "homosexual"
  • "Transgender" is a euphemism for "gender confusion"
  • "Undocumented immigrant" is a euphemism for "illegal alien"
  • Leftists frequently use the term "pro-immigrant" as a euphemism for supporting mass migration and open borders
  • "Immigration reform" is a vague euphemism leftists use for "amnesty for illegal aliens" along opening the doors to legal mass migration
  • The terms "gun reform" and "school safety", among other similar terms, are euphemisms for gun control and even gun confiscation through weapons bans
  • "Corporate social responsibility" is a euphemism for liberal corporate tyranny and political power[1]
  • "Progress" is a euphemism for creeping socialism

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