Liberal immaturity

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Liberal immaturity is the tendency of liberals to act in an immature and unprofessional manner. Though not all liberals act in such a way, liberals tend to immaturely react to criticism and the expression of opposing views. Liberals often create ridiculous slander and falsely advertise it as "parody", or even "legitimate criticism". Liberals also favor obscenity, indecency, and immorality, and they are also known to engage in stubbornness and behave like children throwing temper tantrums when they refuse to do as they are told and stop engaging in immature behavior.


  • Barack Obama called Sarah Palin a pig.[1]
  • John Kerry uttered the F-word during a speech he gave during the 2004 Democratic National Convention.[2]
  • John Kerry insulted members of the American military by saying that those who don't succeed academically get stuck in Iraq.[3]
  • John Edwards has hired foul mouthed bloggers.[4]
  • Liberal vandalism of Conservapedia (where the vandals generally show themselves as foul-mouthed immature punks).
  • Protesting fiscal responsibility is somehow "racist" according to liberals.