Liberal indoctrination

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Liberal indoctrination is the process by which liberals influence children to their way of thinking before they are aware enough to make choices for themselves. It can be considered a form of brainwashing, as children are unwittingly led into liberal ideologies while systematically being denied conservative values.


There are many ways that liberals introduce liberalism to children:


Liberal thought is often promoted in public schools, either by teachers or peer pressure from older students. Examples include the removal of school prayer and the teaching of evolution as though there were no evidence against it. Some textbooks will use evidence that has since been discredited as though it never was. See Ernst Haeckel, Piltdown Man, the Peppered Moth. Some public school teachers ignore the Pledge of Allegiance.

Books and movies

Picture books like Heather Has Two Mommies and Why Mommy is a Democrat explicitly promote the homosexual agenda and characterize Republicans as unequivocally bad.


Children are introduced to the liberal agenda through games, which they claim are "not political" and "just for fun". However, games like "Climate Cops" that promote police-state environmentalism are hardly "not political"! Older children can be seduced by games like Magic: the gathering and Dungeons and Dragons, which, while not explicitly promoting liberal ideas, open the door for moral relativism and interest in the occult.[1][2][3][4]