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Liberal propaganda is the use of distorted media coverage, half truths, deceit, liberal denial, and liberal bias to promote liberal political goals, such as gay marriage and the legalization of drugs- which are contrary to a pure moral nation.

Liberal propaganda can also take the form of inspirational images designed to portray liberal politicians in a positive light. For example, in his campaign for the Presidency, Barack Hussein Obama used artistically rendered images that sought to portray him as the center of a cult of personality.[1] This is disturbingly similar to the propaganda used by atheistic communist leaders.

Other examples include:

  1. Using Hollywood to popularize liberal causes, such as Al Gore using An Inconvenient Truth to promote global warming alarmism, or actors promoting the gay agenda.
  2. Museums marginalizing creation and favoring evolutionism in exhibits about dinosaurs and Neanderthal.
  3. Using movies to demonize the Bush administration's tactics and present the dark side of the war on terror without describing its necessity to keep America safe.[2]
  4. Depicting creationists as ignorant fools, and glorifying their evolutionist opponents, in films like Inherit the Wind, which misrepresents what actually happened in the Scopes trial.\
  5. Promoting environmentalism on television commercials and programs, such as in Disney's Friends for Change campaign about saving the planet.
  6. Showing gay characters on television as enlightened and harmless, overlooking the real harms behind homosexuality.
  7. Glorifying so-called 'celebrity culture' and denying the associated and pernicious effects of Hollywood values.
  8. Using the media to attack institutions such as the military and the church.
  9. Using historical revisionism to claim that respected figures such as Abraham Lincoln were liberals.

Tools of Liberal Propaganda

The chief tools of Liberal propaganda are the print and broadcast media, closely followed by the productions of Hollywood and the music and fashion industries in order to brainwash the public.

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