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Likud Logo.png
Party leader Benjamin Netanyahu
Parliamentary leader
Founded 1988
Political ideology Conservatism
Political position Center-right
International affiliation
Color(s) blue

Likud (meaning 'Union' or 'Consolidation') is Israel's center-right wing political party. Its platform is free-market economy and strong national defense. Its current leader is Benjamin Netanyahu.

Likud (officially the Likud–National Liberal Movement) was formed by the merger in 1988 of a number of parties that had previously formed an alliance in 1973:

  • Gahal - itself an alliance of:
    • Herut - Israel's main centre-right party before Likud
    • The Liberal Party
  • Free Centre
  • National List
  • Movement for Greater Israel

A member of the party is often called a Likudnik.

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