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Linkin Park

Country United States
Style Rock
Nu Metal
Year 1997

Linkin Park is a popular nu-metal band that have achieved mainstream success, having sold over 40 million albums[1] and produced several hit singles. The band employs a hard rock type of sound incorporating catchy choruses, rap-style vocals and various electronic effects, but have undergone noticeable changes in their latest album, Minutes to Midnight. The band has been around since 1996, when it was known as Xero; Xero later changed their name to Linkin Park before signing a contract with Warner Brothers Records in 1999.[2]


  • Chester Bennington - Vocals
  • Mike Shinoda - Vocals
  • Brad Delson - Guitar
  • Joe Hahn - DJ
  • Phoenix Farrell - Bass Guitar
  • Rob Bourdon - Drummer



  • Xero Sampler Tape (1997)
  • Hybrid Theory (2000)
  • Reanimation (2002)
  • Meteora (2003)
  • Collision Course featuring Jay Z (2004)
  • Minutes to Midnight (2007)


  • One Step Closer from the album Hybrid Theory (2001)
  • Crawling from the album Hybrid Theory (2001)
  • Papercut from the album Hybrid Theory (2001)
  • In the End from the album Hybrid Theory (2001)
  • It's Goin' Down featuring The X-Ecutioners and Wayne Static of Static-X (2002)
  • Somewhere I Belong from the album Meteora (2003)
  • Faint from the album Meteora (2003)
  • Numb from the album Meteora (2003)
  • From the Inside from the album Meteora (2004)
  • Lying from You from the album Meteora (2004)
  • Breaking the Habit from the album Meteora (2004)
  • Numb/Encore featuring Jay Z from the album Collision Course (2004)
  • What I've Done from the album Minutes to Midnight (2007)
  • Bleed It Out from the album Minutes to Midnight (2007)
  • Shadow of the Day from the album Minutes to Midnight (2007)
  • Given Up from the album Minutes to Midnight (2008)
  • We Made It featuring Busta Rhymes (2008)
  • Leave Out All the Rest from the album Minutes to Midnight (2008)
  • New Divide from the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen OST (2009)

Music Videos

  • In the End
  • Crawling
  • Papercut
  • One Step Closer
  • It's Goin' Down
  • Somewhere I Belong
  • Faint
  • Breaking the Habit
  • Numb
  • From the Inside
  • Numb/Encore
  • Live in Texas
  • What I've Done
  • Bleed It Out
  • Shadow of the Day
  • Given Up
  • We Made It
  • Leave Out All the Rest
  • New Divide

iTunes Holdout

Linkin Park, along with other Warner Brother Music group artists like Green Day, had an infamous iTunes holdout refusing to sell their content on the iTunes music store. Despite Apple trying to persuade the label to go digital, they had refused. The label finally gave in about a year ago, being one of the last influential artists to join the iTunes music store. The process began with the band offering music videos, then their 3 top albums. They now are in close relations with iTunes and have been featured artists on the homepage on several occasions.[3]