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The following is a list of the 100 highest mountains in 2011.[1].

RankMountainElevation (m)Elevation (ft)
1Mount Everest8850 meters29035 feet
2K28611 meters28251 feet
3Kanchenjunga8586 meters28169 feet
4Qowowuyag8201 meters26906 feet
5Manaslu8156 meters26758 feet
6Annapurna 18091 meters26545 feet
7Gasherbrum Shan8068 meters26469 feet
8Broad Feng8047 meters26400 feet
9Gasherbrum II Feng8035 meters26361 feet
10Xixabangma Feng8027 meters26335 feet
11Gasherbrum III Feng7952 meters26089 feet
12Annapurna II7937 meters26040 feet
13Gasherbrum IV7925 meters26000 feet
14Nowshak7482 meters24547 feet
15Nyainqêntanglha Feng7162 meters23497 feet
16Gauri Sankar7134 meters23405 feet
17Machhapuchhare6993 meters22942 feet
18Lamjung Himal6983 meters22910 feet
19Muztag Feng6973 meters22877 feet
20Aconcagua6,962 meters22,841 feet
21Nilgiri6940 meters22769 feet
22Tukuche Peak6920 meters22703 feet
23Nevado Huascarán6768 meters22204 feet
24Cerro Pariamachay6759 meters22175 feet
25Kangrinboqê Feng6714 meters22027 feet
26Nevado Yerupajá6634 meters21765 feet
27Chulu6584 meters21601 feet
28Buni Zom6551 meters21492 feet
29yak Gawa6484 meters21272 feet
30Thorungste6482 meters21266 feet
31Kuh-e Tuluksa6435 meters21112 feet
32Nevado Coropuna6377 meters20921 feet
33Tozê Kangri6370 meters20898 feet
34Taweche6367 meters20889 feet
35Nevado Ampato6288 meters20629 feet
36Kuh-e Bandaka6271 meters20574 feet
37Ql Sorkhi6171 meters20246 feet
38Mount McKinley6145 meters20160 feet
39South Peak6145 meters20160 feet
40Churchill Peaks6145 meters20160 feet
41Kuh-e Menjan6130 meters20111 feet
42Nevado Solimana6093 meters19990 feet
43Pisang Peak6091 meters19983 feet
44Nevado Chachani6057 meters19872 feet
45Nevado Hualca Hualca6025 meters19767 feet
46Dhampus Peak6012 meters19724 feet
47Cerro Tarapo5977 meters19609 feet
48Archdeacons Tower5955 meters19537 feet
49Kuh-e Sar-e Darya-ye Jow Kham5880 meters19291 feet
50Kuh-e Sangbangi5865 meters19242 feet
51Volcán Misti5822 meters19101 feet
52North Peak5794 meters19009 feet
53Cerro Nocarani5784 meters18976 feet
54Morghzar5781 meters18966 feet
55Pico Simón Bolívar5775 meters18946 feet
56Cerro Pariachaca5771 meters18933 feet
57Kuh-e Chapkowtaleh5770 meters18930 feet
58Kuh-e Shakh-e Sefid5762 meters18904 feet
59Kuh-e Lambaseh5757 meters18887 feet
60Kuh-e Guy Baz5740 meters18832 feet
61Ghaz Ghar5739 meters18828 feet
62Kuh-e Shekarab5738 meters18825 feet
63Nevado Tunshu5730 meters18799 feet
64Kuh-e Sar-e Chapdarreh5720 meters18766 feet
65Kuh-e Sar-e Ma`dan5712 meters18740 feet
66Bahushtar Zom5712 meters18740 feet
67Cerro Santa Rosa5706 meters18720 feet
68Cerro Chila5655 meters18553 feet
69Kuh-e Kalu Farangi5642 meters18510 feet
70Volcán Pico de Orizaba5636 meters18490 feet
71Cerro Casiri5631 meters18474 feet
72Bakhtumbokht Zom5624 meters18451 feet
73Kuh-e Shakh-e Sefid5610 meters18405 feet
74Shakh-e Kamareh5589 meters18336 feet
75Nevado Huaytapallana5558 meters18234 feet
76Cerro Surihuiri5556 meters18228 feet
77Nevado Culluncuya5556 meters18228 feet
78Kuh-e Ghara5520 meters18110 feet
79Kuh-e Darracheh Beyg5510 meters18077 feet
80Nevado Norma5508 meters18070 feet
81Shu??ambo?a5506 meters18064 feet
82Nevado Firura5498 meters18038 feet
83Cerro Sahuarque5495 meters18028 feet
84Mount Saint Elias5494 meters18024 feet
85Cerro La Horqueta5484 meters17992 feet
86Kuh-e Chuk Shakh5467 meters17936 feet
87Cerro Yuraccasa5465 meters17929 feet
88Cerro Juñopunta5462 meters17919 feet
89Kuh-e Vochupar5454 meters17893 feet
90Tawask Ghar5443 meters17857 feet
91Cerro Fuysia5442 meters17854 feet
92Cerro Jatunpila5437 meters17837 feet
93Cerro Chuañuma5432 meters17821 feet
94Nevado Condorcota5425 meters17798 feet
95Nevado Upianca5399 meters17713 feet
96Kuh-e Patkhudek5390 meters17683 feet
97Nevado Cancave5385 meters17667 feet
98Nevado Sepregina5380 meters17650 feet
99Cerro Tuyunima5380 meters17650 feet
100Kuh-e Talek Siah5376 meters17637 feet

References and notes

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