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Lois Frankel
U.S. Representative from Florida's 22nd District
From: January 3, 2013-
PredecessorAllen West
SuccessorIncumbent (no successor)
Former Mayor of West Palm Beach, Florida
From: March 27, 2003 – March 31, 2011
PredecessorJoel Daves
SuccessorJeri Muoio
Former Member of the Florida House of Representatives 85th District
From: January 3, 1995 – January 3, 2003
PredecessorMimi McAndrews
SuccessorShelley Vana
Former Member of the Florida House of Representatives 83rd District
From: January 3, 1987 – January 3, 1993
PredecessorMimi McAndrews
SuccessorSharon Merchant
Party Democrat
Religion Jewish

Lois Frankel (May 17, 1948), a Democrat, is the U.S. Representative of Florida's 22nd district. Formerly she was mayor of West Palm Beach and a state representative of Florida.

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