Love's Labour's Lost

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Loves Labour's Lost is one of Shakespeare's earlier romantic comedies. It is the story of the king of Navarre, who along with three of his nobleman friends decides to take an oath to study for three years, and that during that time the four will, among other things, totally abstain from the company of women. Almost immediately, however, the plan of the king and his friends is challenged by a state visit from the princess of France and three of her ladies. The king falls in love with the princess, and each of his three friends is smitten with one of the princess's ladies. The four couples engage in wooing which includes a variety of absurdities, as the young men don disguises which fool no one but themselves in an attempt to win the girls without being caught in oath breaking. But just as love begins to flower, news comes of the death of the princess's father, and the couples must face a year of separation while the princess returns to France to mourn.

Film Versions

Love's Labour's Lost is not one of Shakespeare's more well-known plays. However, Kenneth Branagh made a film version, without much success at the box office.


  • Contains the longest word in Shakespeare at 27 letters: "honorificabilitudinitatibus" -Act V, Scene 1.

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