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Magic: The Gathering is a collectible card game created in 1993. In it, players take the role of powerful wizards casting spells at each other in the form of cards. Players must spend money to collect the cards in "booster packs", which they form into decks.


Magic cards come in five colors, representing the different aspects of magic: red (destruction), blue (deceit), white ("supposed goodness"), green (nature), and black (evil). Some cards represent creatures, which can attack the other player, while other spells are played against the opponent directly.


The card game very quickly came under scrutiny for its inclusion of dark magic elements, such as demons. It was only after strong criticism from concerned families that these elements were scaled back. However, in recent years demons have been returning to Magic.[1]

Pastor David Brown has identified four key problems with the game:[2]

  1. The primary focus on the occult
  2. The violent nature of the game
  3. The addictive nature of the game
  4. The identification of the players with evil characters.

Additionally, some cards feature scandalous depictions of female characters, since the artwork style guide aims to appeal to adolescent males. ("Remember, your audience is BOYS 14 and up")[3]