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Magic: The Gathering is a strategy card game which lets players take the role of dueling wizards who can summon creatures to fight for them. One defeats his opponent by reducing his life points down to zero or by being the last one with cards remaining in his draw pile.

The game consists of numerous elements from various fantasy worlds, including magic, elves, dwarves, dragons, mana, orcs, and so forth. One of the reasons for keeping the game limited to the size of a small deck of cards was so that it could be easily taken along to, and played at, gaming conventions.[1]

Its creator is Richard Garfield and the game is owned by Wizards of the Coast, the same firm that publishes Dungeons and Dragons. The full name of the game uses a subtitle, i.e., Magic: The Gathering.


Magic cards come in five colors, representing the different aspects of magic: red (destruction, fire and mountains), blue (deceit, water, islands), white (Order, yet sometimes confused for good; light, plains), green (nature, animals and forests), and black (ambition, yet sometimes confused with evil; death, decay, swamps). Additionally, there are colorless cards (artifacts) which are associated with no color and multicolored cards which are associated with two or more colors of magic.

Some cards represent creatures, which are summoned to attack and defend. Other spells can be used to attack other players, bolster ones own creatures, and a multitude of other effects.


The card game very quickly came under scrutiny for its inclusion of dark magic elements, such as demons. It was only after strong criticism from concerned families that these elements were scaled back. However, in recent years demons have been returning to Magic[2].

Pastor David Brown has identified four key problems with the game:[3]

  • 1) The primary focus on the occult
  • 2) The violent nature of the game
  • 3) The addictive nature of the game
  • 4) The identification of the players with evil characters.

To demonstrate the abundance of occult themes in the game there are 67 demon, 95 vampire, 17 witch(in name only, there is no witch creature type) 285 zombie, 137 horror, and 15 devil cards out of 12978 cards total(not including basic lands).[4]

Additionally, a number of cards feature unrealistic and unusually sexy depictions of both male and female characters.


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