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Bruce Jenner: Olympian disgraces himself

Bruce Jenner: Olympian disgraces himself

Video: Watch the pantywaist cry!

Common Core and big government

Feds Play the Race Card to Crush Parents’ Revolt Against Common Core.[1]

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Data showing atheism is in a slump?

Attention Atheists: Google trends indicates: You are in a slump![2]

Article of the year

Irreligion and domestic violence


In the News. what the MSM isn't fully covering.

An émigrée from the former Soviet Union (no other than activist Orly Taitz) speaks out against Hillary Clinton and the real danger she poses. A danger going far beyond her crass self-enrichment through her foundation. [3]

70% of Republicans oppose homosexual marriage, [4] which is similar to the high percentage of Republican voters who accept the truth of the Bible. Has the liberal media peaked in promoting the homosexual agenda, as it peaked on the abortion issue before public opinion began to roll against the propaganda?

Supreme Court homosexual "marriage" cases: What to expect.[5][6] Also, Ryan Anderson: If the U.S. Supreme Court Imposes Homosexual Marriage Over Religious Liberty, "It’ll Be Repeating Mistake of Roe v. Wade."

Welfare queen Demands Tax-Payers Fund Her $15,000 Wedding, as a “Basic Human Right”.[7]

Liberals are angry that Bruce Jenner said that he is a Republican.[8] Also, video mocks Jenner for his so-called "bravery" and says his behavior is disturbing.

Update: Baltimore – Fighting and Rioting near Camden Yards.[9]

No one saw this coming: is Bill Clinton quietly angling for a third term, using Hillary Clinton's troubles as an excuse? Will he call for a repeal of Amendment XXII, or simply flout it? [10]

Gay ambassador nomination to the Vatican. Judging prior comments made by Pope Francis, this shouldn't be a problem. [11]

Media blitz to "normalize" transgenderism.[12]

Michelle Obama Freezes When Asked A Question Every Married Woman Should Be Able To Answer.[13]

Black rioters in Baltimore smash police cars, attack motorists in a frenzied protest.[14]

Taxpayer money being spent to send out letters to 9,000,000 green card holders urging them to become citizens before the 2016 election.[15]

"Sinning and Sweet Cakes"[16]

Why did Barack Obama put Iran on a fast track to a nuclear bomb? And what could and should Israel do about it? [17]

Hillary Clinton came right out and said she will change America's religious beliefs to facilitate abortion on demand. [18]

Christians are in fact the world’s most persecuted people. Matt Walsh says, "Stop being a lazy coward." [19]

Hottest year on record? Adjustments in temperature data are getting another look. [20] Expect Global warming alarmists to whine uncontrollably.

The Gaystapo claims another victim. Aaron and Melissa Klein had their GoFundMe account terminated. [21]

Ted Cruz castigates fellow Republicans who are not committed to ending Obama's lawlessness. [22]

Tracking Hillary Clinton’s Use of Every American Accent East of the Mississippi.[23] Did the Democrats Harry Truman and JFK resort to fake accents?

House Benghazi panel calls Hillary Clinton to testify.[24]

Student demonstrators who walked on an American flag to protest racism have sparked a counter movement, prompting a south Georgia university to cancel classes Friday ahead of a rally expected to draw large crowds of flag supporters to Valdosta. [25]

Too many politicians show sympathy for the devil. Who doesn't play by any rules. [26]

Overweight, Lesbian Coach Who Called For Burning Down "Memories Pizza" Fired.[27] Maybe she needs to focus less of her attention on pizzerias![28] See also: Lesbianism and obesity

Hillary Clinton on abortion: "Deep-Seated Cultural Codes, Religious Beliefs And Structural Biases Have To Be Changed".[29]

Loretta Lynch Confirmed as New Attorney General — Here Are the 10 Republicans Who Voted for Her.[30]

Trey Gowdy sends Hillary Clinton 136 questions for May appearance before Benghazi committee.[31]

Will Peter Schweitzer, who exposed Bill and Hillary Clinton's dirty dealings, next give Jeb Bush the same treatment? [32]

A bit of history passes away. Goodbye to Mary Doyle Keefe, the model for "Rosie the Riveter." [33][34]

Governor Bobby Jindal is not cowering to liberals on religious freedom, "If it’s not freedom for all, it’s not freedom at all." [35]

Chinese edit "genes of human embryos for the first time, prompting fears that the discovery could lead to a new kind of eugenics. [36]

The case for a Presidential system of government for the Republic of Israel. With due attention to everything that has gone wrong with the American system. [37]

"House committee OKs gay-marriage ban" in Texas. [38] Opposition to the homosexual agenda continues despite media bullying.

Liberals sputter as Gov. Scott Walker proposes new immigration platform.[39]

Hillary Clinton has been hiding out from real interviews by hard news reporters, as if she is afraid to be cross-examined.[40]

Bribery Allegations Against Hillary Clinton Are Truly Damning.[41]

Could Israel benefit from reading the Federalist Papers? They speak directly to some of Israel's current political problems. [42]

A series of case studies show how important electoral rules are to the choice of good leaders. Those case studies include the 1992 Knesset elections in Israel. [43]

The Miller-Urey experiment did not show a tenth of what everyone says it showed. So why does the premier biology textbook repeat the narrative? [44][45]

Why does Israel so often not choose the best leaders? Could it be because its political structures are fundamentally flawed? [46]

The latest in liberal censorship: "How to Censor Speakers on College Campuses." [47]

17 Reasons Why It’s IMPOSSIBLE For Hillary Clinton To Relate To Normal Americans.[48]

Homosexual Agenda Front and Center as Hillary Clinton Announces Presidential Campaign.[49]

Major public opinion shift and a first: Gun rights top gun control in Pew Research poll.[50]

Top Chris Christie ally defects to Jeb Bush.[51]

"College commencement speeches: Unfair and unbalanced," as none of the top 60 colleges has invited a social conservative to speak. [52] Students reject liberal claptrap once they hear from conservatives, so the best liberals can do is rely on censorship.

The Miller-Urey experiment shows the kind of double standard evolutionists love to live by. [53][54][55]

BOOM! The Video That Could Rock Hillary Clinton’s Campaign OFF ITS FOUNDATION![56] Over 700,000 views already.

Upcoming book reveals big news about foreign donations to Clintons.[57]

Atheist Princeton professor calls for killing disabled infants under Obamacare.[58]

Give it up, gun control supporters: "Open Carry Wins Final Passage in House" in Texas. [59]

Why does Israel still face almost daily terrorist threats? Because her people never seem able to elect a real statesman, who has enough pride to think he is in the right to do what needs doing. [60]

The NFL, increasingly known for murders and other harms, needs Tim Tebow now more than ever, but the lamestream media remains hostile to the man of faith on his comeback. [61]

A review of the real histories black people have with the Republican and Democratic Parties. [62]

Tim Tebow returns to the NFL. League sources claim a one-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. [63][64]

When This Female Air Force Vet Saw Protesters Stepping on the U.S. Flag, She Took Action. It Took Four Policemen to Bring Her Down.[65]

Hostile treatment is causing Christians to leave the U.S. military in droves.[66]

Bill Would Force Homeschoolers To Have Home Inspections by Social Workers.[67]

GOP, Conservatives, Democrats on collision course in New Hampshire.[68]

Barack Obama, B-grade movie actor. His weekly address on climate change must mean he's trying to pretend he's Actor Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact. Too bad the evidence doesn't follow the script. [69]

Marco Rubio continues to cave into the homosexual agenda: "it's not that I'm against gay marriage. ... And, in fact, the bottom line is that I believe that sexual preference is something that people are born with." [70] Looks like Rubio is competing with Jeb Bush and Scott Walker for support by liberal Republicans.

Feminists and the United Nations support a law that is very unfriendly to the homosexual agenda.[71]

Auto-shop owner gives homosexuals an advance warning: I do not want your businesses and I will not take you on as a customer.[72]

Scott Walker's support is solid; establishment favorite Jeb Bush struggles in New Hampshire.[73]

Opt-out Movement Accelerates Amid Common Core Testing.[74]

Thank God for the British press in exposing the American media's double standard: contrast pontification by an ESPN reporter with her shockingly abusive rant against a parking lot mom, which included "Maybe if I was missing some teeth they would hire me, huh?" and "Cos I'm on television and you're in [an expletive] trailer, honey." [75]

An answer to "skeptics" who think a young earth would automatically invalidate several disciplines of science that "work." The secret: those disciplines don't work as it is. [76][77][78]

Trey Gowdy Announces Plan to Speed Up Deportation and destroy Obama’s Amnesty![79]

Ignoring drought, U.S to divert water to Mexico for environmental project.[80]

U.S. Labor Department Pledges $13 Million to Promote Employment for Youth–in El Salvador, Honduras.[81]

Jeb Bush to New Hampshire Republicans: don't call me a moderate! [82] Would he prefer the term RINO instead??

Political conservatives are not the best source of hope. Only God is. From Bradlee Dean. [83]

Despite years of constant liberal denial, the American College of Pediatricians warns of the strong link between abortion and breast cancer. [84]

Dems in North Carolina vote against honoring Billy Graham, with a statue in the U.S. Capitol. [85] Dems lost, 71-28.

Shame on the Virginia State Bar for canceling a seminar to be held in Jerusalem because they wanted to boycott Israel. [86]

Hillary Rodham Clinton Iowa stop staged: Campaign drove "ordinary" voters for photo-op.[87]

More than 2 MILLION of Hillary Clinton’s Twitter Followers are fake, and she is under fire for "Buying" Facebook Fans.[88] Krauthammer: Hillary will be beaten due to her "glaring inauthenticity".[89]

The Obama administration has granted about 541,000 Social Security numbers to illegal immigrants.[90]

Federal agencies have purchased nearly 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition since April 2012. And they're not done yet, 62 million rounds of AR-15 ammo went to solicitation. [91]

Packing the House of Representatives? A new movement proposes precisely that. At issue: the Congressional Apportionment Amendment originally meant to fix representation at one per fifty thousand persons. But a fatal flaw in its text might make the drive moot. [92]

Painting by Hitler to be auctioned, gallery asking $30K. [93]

"Rubio would attend a same-sex wedding." [94] So why isn't he running for president as a Democrat rather than a Republican?

Poll: Vast Majority of Democrats and Independents Want Challengers For Hillary Clinton.[95]

According to Judicial Watch, ISIS Camp a Few Miles from Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm.[96]

Hillary Clinton to spend $37.92 for every vote in $2.5b campaign.[97]

Obama Administration Defense Department: The Bible, the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence. All Perpetuate Sexism.[98]

Jeb Bush outflanks his rivals by becoming the surprise choice to give the commencement address at evangelical Liberty University. [99] But will evangelicals in Iowa be impressed?

Begins today: a counterpoint to the teaching of evolution in public (and some private) schools. [100][101]

"Obama rewards Egypt’s repression with military aid." [102]

These Are the Mainstream Media Elites Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Wined and Dined Before Her Official Announcement.[103]

Attorney General Eric Holder Warns DOJ Employees: Stop procuring prostitutes![104]

Unions fight to preserve Obama’s immigration actions despite illegal immigrants depressing American wages.[105]

Barack Hussein Obama Challenged Benjamin Netanyahu to Come Up With "a Good Answer" for a Better Iran Nuclear Deal. Netanyahu Responded.[106]

"GOP contest wide open as Democrats wish for a race ... Republicans have a wide-open presidential race. Democrats are jealous," observes USA Today. [107]

The Constitution provides for a regular census. But how intrusive may that census be? [108]

"New Strategy Against Gay Marriage Divides GOP 2016 Field," as the history of overreaching by the judicial branch in the Dred Scott decision may repeat. Time magazine article

Obama Says Republicans Have Gone Too Far In Criticizing His Iran Deal: “It Needs To Stop.” [109] Why is Obama so desperate to do this deal? Will Obama's weakness be further exploited by the Iranians?

Oklahoma’s New Law To Punish Sex Offenders.[110] If only liberals with little self-control repented and became Bible believers, then such drastic measures would be unnecessary.

Rand Paul Puts DNC Chair on Her Heels: Is it okay to kill a 7-pound baby in the uterus? When are You Willing to Protect Life?[111]

British welfare queen scandal: A further embarrassment to Britain's Nanny State.[112]

Freshman Senator Marco Rubio sought to appease the Left, and then the Republican Party found stronger conservative leaders, so Rubio's campaign for president "has some catching up to do." [113]

A call for Jewish statesmanship in Israel. [114]

Dems' demand for taxpayer funding of abortion is delaying confirmation of the next Attorney General, and this "holy grail for Democrats" for abortion is not "a position they can prevail on," observes Republican Senator John Thune. [115]

Has God begun His work to redeem Israel? An analysis based on Jewish law and on familiar Bible stories. "[116]

"Nobel Prize For Physics In 2011 Falsified; Universe, Dark Energy Not Expanding At Rapid Rate" [117] But the lamestream media refuse to admit the falsification of a typically liberal Nobel Prize, which has happened more than once.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Says that the Constitution Permits the Court To "Favor Religion Over Non-Religion".[118]

Mother Of The Boston Marathon Bombers: All U.S. Citizens are Terrorists.[119]

Socialist UK healthcare system is on the brink of collapse. [120] Socialism has a history full of failures yet liberals insist we need to go down that same road.

What is liberty? And have we lost it? [121]

Setback for the global warming hoax: "W.Va. board passes science standards allowing climate change debate." [122]

Hillary Rodham Clinton to launch 2016 campaign on Sunday en route to Iowa.[123]

Nancy Pelosi and U.S. liberal groups push congressional Democrats on Iran nuclear bills.[124][125]

Ayatollah Khamenei Accuses White House of "Lying", Being "Deceptive", and Having "Devilish" Intentions.[126]

Have the American people enabled a corrupt political establishment to change the meaning of what's lawful and unlawful in the sight of God and according to the Constitution? [127]

Liberals are angry that a public school board voted to hold committee meetings in a church building, which is more handicap-accessible than the government facility. [128]

Firefighter Is Sick Of Affirmative Action So He Wore THIS Shirt In Protest And Liberals Are Incensed.[129]

Wolf Blitzer Confronts Rand Paul About His Alleged "Abrupt" Treatment of Female Interviewers.[130]

Commie-Fest: Obama To Meet With Comrade Raul Castro In Panama City.[131]

Louisiana legislature is crafting a religious liberty bill. Bobby Jindal has already agreed to sign it. [132]

Examining thoroughly bad judicial precedent on the Second Amendment from the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. [133]

Caving in again to the homosexual agenda, Obama demands a ban on conversion therapy nationwide. [134] Who made Obama a therapy expert??

Rand Paul vs. an uppity, liberal, woman journalist. Who wins?[135] While we're on the subject, where does he stand on the issue? [136]

Boston bomber guilty on all charges.[137] Will he get the death penalty or will the liberals in Massachusetts prevent justice from happening?

Recent Poll: America Gets Angry Over Illegal Aliens.[138]

Scott Walker: If the U.S. Supreme Court guts ObamaCare subsidies, GOP governors will be under "incredible pressure".[139]

A time to remember sacrificial lambs, and the Lamb of God. [140]

Washington State Flies Communist Flag at State Capitol – Patriots Come Out & Take It Down.[141]

U.S. Army Soldiers Sit Through "White Privilege" Presentation — and the Backlash Isn’t Pretty.[142]

Barack Obama Is Now FLYING Illegal Alien Children to US with Taxpayer money.[143]

"Obama concerned by ‘less-than-loving’ Christians." [144]

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) begins his run for President today. [145]

Ruling in the Case of Bakery That Refused to Decorate Bible-Shaped Cakes With Anti-Homosexuality Messages.[146] Also, video of various homosexual bakers refusing to bake anti-homosexuality cakes.

Rick Santorum: Should the Government Force a Homosexual Print Shop Owner to Make "God Hates F**s" Signs for Westboro Baptist Church?[147]

Illegal Immigrant with Drug-Resistant TB to Be Released into US, say Congressional Leaders.[148]

Wal-mart has sided with homosexuals in the culture war. Christian employees have been silenced. [149]

New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie pardoned a woman who ran afoul of his State's gun laws. Two questions: why did he take so long, and why not nullify those unconstitutional gun laws altogether? [150]

Liberal double standard, again: after falsely implying that Indiana was somehow bigoted for opposing the homosexual agenda, the NCAA serves up a whites-versus-blacks finale in Indianapolis, and the lamestream media are just fine with it.

$828,000 raised for Indiana pizzeria that said it won’t cater homosexual weddings.[151]

Americans Not in Labor Force Exceed 93 Million for First Time. Labor Force Participation at 37-Year Low.[152]

The liberal media do not know what to say about the nearly all-white Wisconsin basketball team ending the undefeated streak of the favored all-black Kentucky team, and a racial slur uttered afterwards by a losing Kentucky player. [153]

"The Trojan Horse, Liberals, and Taqiyya"[154]

Dominated by the entitlement mentality of liberals, California's response to the worsening drought is mostly the blame game, as Dems and the government itself fail to reduce enough water use voluntarily. [155]

Liberal double standard, again: the lamestream media fail to mention the lack of church attendance by the murderer who increased the speed of the Germanwings plane as he crashed it into a mountain, killing all 150 on board, and the media also refuse to ask if it was atheistic terrorism. [156]

The Associated Press, one of the most prominent Mainstream Media outlets, has a long history of propaganda against the Republic of Israel. [157]

After Indiana Pizzeria Said They Wouldn’t Cater Gay Weddings, the Liberal Hysteria/Anger Was So Extreme It May Not Be Safe to Re-Open.[158]

U.S. drug agents had sex parties funded by drug cartels: watchdog.[159]

More Illegal Immigrants Snagging White-Collar Jobs.[160] Also, Obama’s Other Executive Action on Immigration.[161]

Most churches today take Jesus Christ and His gift of salvation far too lightly. [162]

Is Barack Obama behaving as the murderous copilot Andreas Lubitz did? By locking out Congress and any sensible advisers who caution against his policies? [163]

Liberal denial continues about the atheistic terrorism in the deliberate crashing of the Germanwings airplane: the investigation calls it "involuntary homicide" even though the evidence shows it was premeditated and the co-pilot actually accelerated the descent. [164]

Veteran Confronts Man Wearing Uniform in Alleged Case of Stolen Valor.[165]

Senator Robert Menendez, D-N.J., pleads not guilty today to corruption charges after a grand jury indicted him. But: the gifts Menendez took from his doctor friend in Florida are penny-ante chicken feed compared to what other politicians have taken. [166][167]

Militant gays have targeted an Indiana pizza shop with death threats, forcing the business to close. [168] Liberal publication Salon says good, they deserve it!

Is atheistic terrorism worse than Islamic terrorism? Liberal denial prevents honest reporting on whether the Germanwings co-pilot who killed nearly 150 passengers was an atheist. Evidence suggests his suicidal action was premeditated. [169]

The real civil rights that most need defending: the Second Amendment. [170]

IRS ignoring 60 percent of taxpayers’ calls as deadline looms.[171]

Global warming alarmism: Republicans Warn World that Obama’s U.N. plan could be Undone.[172]

Liberal rationing of water begins in California, as Jerry Brown orders residents to cut their water use by 25%. [173] What, bigger government can't provide more water??

Arkansas Governor caves to the homosexual agenda by refusing to sign the religious liberty bill that passed the legislature by veto-proof majorities and which the Governor previously promised to sign. [174] The intense media bullying is working overtime on RINOs.

Faith, freedom, the Johnson Amendment, and the Constitution. [175]

Video: Watch What Obama’s Former Intel Chief Just Said That Destroys His Old Boss In 2 Words.[176]

Report Finds Honolulu VA Supervisor Manipulated Veterans’ Data.[177]

Arkansas legislature passes same bill as Indiana to protect businesses against the homosexual agenda. [178]

"Hot Time in Antarctica?"[179]

"Islam, and Rachel Maddow" [180]

Obama golfs with big money/oil moguls.[181] Is this the same Obama who was against the Keystone pipeline?

Prominent American rabbi compares Barack Obama to Haman, the notorious villain from the biblical Book of Esther.[182]

Potential 2016 Democrat presidential candidate Gov. Martin O’Malley rips Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, says presidency "not some crown" that comes along with a political family dynasty.[183]

"Connecticut bans state-funded travel to Indiana," and media bullying turns up the heat on Indiana to repeal its new law that protects religious liberty against the homosexual agenda. [184] Will Indiana leaders cave in to the pressure? And whom are those bullies kidding, anyway, with their selective outrage? A detailed analysis. [185]

"Liberal hypocrisy on race" [186]

U.S. Congress to Reintroduce Internet Sales Tax, So Shop While You Can.[187]

Fraud uncovered in scientific peer-review journals. Fabrications and manipulations are widespread in the science and medical fields. [188]

The Whitney Museum, Soon to Open Its New Home, Searches for American Identity. [189]

Chicago cousins arrested in Islamic State case and accused of planning Terrorist Attacks inside the United States.[190]

Understand, more clearly, the roots of the suffering Conservative in a 'Mad World Run By Fools'. [191]

Recognizing the liberal abuse of the English language. [192] For additional insight, see Conservapedia's article on Secularized Language.

Liberal Minority Leader Harry Reid chooses not to run for reelection rather than be defeated in a landslide. His poll numbers were double digits behind his Republican rival, yet in typical liberal denial Reid pretends this isn't the reason he is quitting.

Trey Gowdy: Hillary Clinton Wiped Her Server Clean.[193]

Obama administration Caves to Key Iranian Demands as Nuke Deal Comes Together,[194] Scott Walker says he would absolutely disavow any deal with the Iranians if he is elected.

White House Says Bowe Bergdahl Being Swiftboated With Desertion Charge[195]

Nebraska Senator Won’t Apologize For Saying He’d Shoot a Policeman.[196][197]

Remembering the fallen: Arlington National Cemetery. [198]

Is Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) eligible to the office of President of the United States, or not? [199]

Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson's under fire for anti-atheism speech.[200]

Molotov cocktail thrown at pro-life protesters outside Austin Planned Parenthood.[201]

ISIS is Committing Genocide Against Assyrian Christians and CBS Has Proof.[202]

Setback for the homosexual agenda: Indiana enacts a religious liberty bill for businesses, and media bullying couldn't stop it. More states plan to pass similar bills. [203]

Advice to Jews in Israel and beyond: throw down the high places! The high places of leftism, that is. [204]

Jeb Bush declares, "I don't read The New York Times." [205] Uh oh, liberals have trouble controlling people who do not read their material.

"Wackyland and Bowe Bergdahl"[206]

Bowe Bergdahl charged with desertion, could face life in prison.[207]

Israel Was Spying On USA During The Iran Negotiations.[208] Israel doesn't trust Barack Obama?

U.S. Navy bans chaplain from ministering to family of dead sailor.[209]

Globalism is a charade and a con game that has failed in every ostensible goal. Here's why it is still a threat. [210]

"Black Brunch" Protesters Receive Ignore Button From Restaurant Staff and Customers.[211]

Liberals tackle the imminent drinking water shortage in California by proposing "$1 billion in drought-relief spending" ... "But more than $700 million of that money will actually go toward flood control, food assistance and the protection of wildlife habitat." [212]

An open letter to Ambassador John Bolton, on a national security matter. [213]

Rand Paul to kick off 2016 bid with ambitious five-state tour.[214]

Benjamin Netanyahu pollster: Obama role in election larger than reported.[215]

Obama: "By Hook Or Crook", I’ll Expand Government.[216]

Ted Cruz's Coming out of the gate first to declare his GOP presidential candidacy is excellent strategy.[217][218]

Facing an emergency shortage of water in California, liberal Governor Jerry Brown lashes out at ... Ted Cruz, ranting that he is "absolutely unfit to be running for office." Why? Because Brown tries to blame the imaginary climate change for his crisis, which conservatives recognize as nonsense. [219]

ISIS Urges Lone Wolves To Kill US Service Members – and Provides Addresses.[220]

Starbucks CEO Wants People to Talk About Race, But Will He?[221]

A plan to thwart gun control, starting in New Jersey but good for the whole country. [222]

"The Liberal GooseStep"[223]

Democrats are pursuing John Boehner as an ally for passing their agenda and thwarting conservatives. [224]

Ted Cruz Plans "Important Speech" in Virginia.[225] Will he declare a presidential candidacy?

How the Clintons’ Haiti development plans succeed — and disappoint.[226]

President Obama’s True Feelings About Transparency Surface.[227]

Israel has its own Mainstream Media problem. They deliberately got what Benjamin Netanyahu said before his election, critically wrong. Herewith what he really said and why it matters. [228]

Declining interest in liberal claptrap: "MSNBC’s daytime viewership is down 21 percent overall and 41 percent in the coveted 25-to-54-year-old demographic, putting it in fourth place." [229]

Judge blasts DOJ over immigration claims, threatens sanctions.[230]

The arrogance of liberal elitists.[231]

She Was Raised by Lesbian Mothers. But This Woman’s Open Letter Reveals Why She Now Opposes Gay Marriage.[232]

Many Democrats want independent Hillary Clinton email probe: Reuters/Ipsos poll.[233]

Why do most church leaders today refuse to lead on the relationship between the Christian and the social order? [234]

Is the Loretta Lynch nomination unraveling? [235]

Bishop Derrick Robinson's bizarre claim about Ferguson.[236]

Charles Krauthammer On State Dept Admission: "Elaborate Scheme" By Hillary "To Conceal".[237]

Senators Reintroduce Internet Sales Tax Bill as SCOTUS Accepts Challenge to Colorado "Amazon Tax".[238]

'The American Progressive’s Monopoly on the Seven Deadly Sins' "Now their goal seems to be to pull the rest of us down into the cesspit that they're in." [239]

New rift opens between Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu after election victory.[240] Actually the rift might not be that old. The Mainstream Media have just as much reason to be ashamed of themselves. [241]

Obama’s EPA Now Wants to Prevent You From Showering Too Long in Hotels.[242]

British Muslims and irreligious Brits have something in common: Higher rates of criminality.[243] See also: Irreligious prison population

Why has America gone down the slippery slope? Because America turned away from God. [244]

Decisive victory for Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel. Mainstream Media already are weeping and gnashing their teeth. [245]

One less RINO in the Party: Glenn Beck quits the GOP two weeks after ridiculing Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson for observing that homosexuality is not like race and is a choice. [246] Spare us the Parthian shots, Mr. Beck.

The ATF’s Ammo Ban Is Back in the Form of a New Bill From Democrats.[247]

Marketplace Fairness Act Seeks to Instill "Fairness" Through Taxation.[248]

James Carville Inadvertently Admits Hillary Clinton Used Private Email to Avoid Accountabilty and Oversight.[249]

Israel holds its elections. Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party now winning more votes than any other. Obama seems to have lost his bid to campaign for Netanyahu's opponents. [250]

Conservative writer quits Daily Caller because it would not allow him to criticize Fox News Channel "for filling up the airwaves with reports on ISIS and terrorism, and not fulfilling their responsibility of being the opposition on amnesty and immigration." [251] Criticism of Fox is not a problem here.

Star rookie walks away from the NFL, adding to the exodus of tough players who are leaving the morally bankrupt league for reasons ranging from the harm it causes to spending more time on Christianity. [252]

White House acknowledges Petraeus advising gov’t on ISIS, despite guilty plea.[253]

As nuke talks intensify, White House celebrates Iranian holiday.[254]

Review of the 16th Annual "White Privilege Conference." [255]

Hillary Clinton should face criminal charges.[256]

Senator Mitch McConnell: Obama on cusp of "a very bad deal" with Iran.[257]

Benjamin Netanyahu Vows He Will Not Give Up Territory, Quotes Book of Isaiah in Final Rally Before Tuesday’s Election.[258]

Is the Islamic State trying to recruit Native Americans now? [259]

Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett behind leak of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.[260]

Water beyond the Asteroid Belt, and a lot of it. Guess what: that water came from the Great Flood. If anyone finds life in that water, remember: you read it here first. [261][262][263]

Obama tells college reporters to promote his agenda, which would result in more liberal propaganda for young people: he "urged the young journalists to help sell his programs by directing readers to White House websites where they can declare their support for college-loan reforms." [264]

Are You Ready For the Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax? [265]

Hillary Clinton Is More Vulnerable in 2016 Than You Think.[266]

Texas principal vs. atheists.[267]

Hackers, probing Hillary Clinton's server, cite security lapses.[268]

This is pathetic: the dysfunctional Obama Administration is having trouble getting 51 votes to confirm its nominee to lead the Department of Justice. [269]

The 8 biggest Lies Hillary Clinton Told at Her Email Press Conference.[270]

Lindsey Graham: As President I would Use the Military Against Congress.[271]

Obama Profaned ‘Bloody Sunday’ Protest Anniversary.[272]

Could the Benghazi committee recover Hillary Clinton’s deleted e-mails?.[273]

In the paving-the-road-to-hell-with-good-intentions department: New Jersey's Graves Act, intended to keep violent offenders behind bars, now turns into a juggernaut against the Second Amendment, and is better repealed. [274]

Ambush shooting of two police officers in Ferguson occurs after the Department of Justice accuses the city of racial discrimination, but the liberal media refuse to blame the Administration for reopening racial tensions. [275]

Hillary Clinton's real problem: her erstwhile allies neither like nor trust her any more. And maybe they found someone else. [276]

Hillary Clinton Tries to Quell Controversy Over Private Email But Her Abundant Critics Will Not Be Mollified.[277]

Open Carry Gun Activist’s Tense Confrontation With Police Caught on Video.[278]

Obama Administration Energy Secretary Says 20% Increase in Energy Prices No Big Deal![279]

Eric Holder Used Secret Email Address Too.[280]

Adjustments to previous temperature data continues by NASA and NOAA. Like magic, warming trends appear. [281]

Hillary Clinton's insiders know: Barack Hussein Obama threw her under the bus. And they have one idea why. Others have more ideas. [282]

Liberal ideology continues to destroy colleges, and speculation grows that "closures are about to become the norm in higher education." "Half of small private colleges and regional public colleges have either missed their enrollment or revenue goals in recent years." [283]

A useful definition of righteous angerand an instructive comparison of America today with Israel in ancient times. [284]

Tim Tebow: Latest News, Rumors and Speculation Surrounding Free-Agent QB.[285]

GOP Senators Send Iran Warning Letter On Nuke Deal, Angering White House.[286]

New Iranian missile could extend Iran’s strike capability to Europe and beyond.[287]

Understanding Why Barack Obama Hates Israel.[288]

By what authority does the Supreme Court, or any court, rule on what constitutes marriage anyway? That is, if separation of church and state means a thing, it cuts both ways. Doesn't it? [289]

NYC: Welfare rolls are increasing, even as the economy improves.[290]

Hillary Clinton email scandal intensifies as Benghazi investigators find ‘huge gaps’.[291]

U.S wages remain stagnant.[292]

Are home-grown terrorists a sign that multiculturalism is failing?[293]

The United States Constitution both protects our rights and portends how people will try to take them away from us. [294]

"Colleges not ready for 'college ready' Common Core. The standards are supposed to get students ready for college. But the schools don’t seem ready for them." [295]

Muslim Woman Tells Christian Preacher: “You Are Everything That is Wrong in America.”[296]

Climate Scientists Accuse Democrat of engaging in a witch hunt.[297]

Liberals are in complete mental meltdown mode, Florida bans the use of Global Warming, Climate Change or 'sustainability' in any official government reports. [298]

College students who support liberal claptrap are learning that it is no longer free, as States shift more of the costs of public universities onto the students. [299]

Hillary Clinton Lies! Emails show Clinton aides running interference during Benghazi Attack.[300]

A review of the state of origin science todayand who, between evolutionists and creationists, has a habit of inventing untestable theories. [301][302][303]

Liberal double standard strikes again: the Mets second baseman was silenced for criticizing the homosexual lifestyle, but the New England Patriots and San Francisco Giants just submitted a brief to the U.S. Supreme Court requesting a ruling in favor of same-sex marriage. [304]

Why, after two years, is the Department of Justice only now moving against Senator Robert Menendez (D-N.J.)? Could it be because Senator Menendez decided to quit being a lapdog for Barack Obama? [305][306]

House committee subpoenas Hillary Clinton emails in Benghazi probe.[307]

Eric Holder Admits ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Claim Was Bogus.[308]

Here Are the 75 House Republicans Who Conceded the Immigration Fight.[309]

Remember Never Forget 9/11! New York City Mayor DiBlasio Adds Two Muslim Holidays to Public School Calendar.[310]

The mainstream media love to shoot the messenger. A review. [311]

Another Dem may be replaced by a Republican in the U.S. Senate: "The Justice Department is preparing to bring criminal corruption charges against New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez, a Democrat," and Gov. Chris Christie would appoint his replacement. [312]

Top soccer star Kaka from Brazil joins the Orlando team and explains, "In every moment of my life, not just on the field, but also off the field, my faith, Jesus Christ and the bible helped me a lot." [313] But notice how the lamestream media fails to capitalize the "b" in "Bible".

Why have the Mainstream Media turned on Hillary Clinton? Could it be because they want someone else to become President? Elizabeth Warren, maybe? [314]

Hacked e-mails indicate that Hillary Clinton used a domain registered the day of her U.S. Senate hearings.[315]

Phyllis Schlafly: Democrats Plan To Win Elections With Illegal Alien Votes.[316]

Gallup: Americans Approve Of Benjamin Netanyahu More Than Barack Obama.[317]

Mark Levin knows a great deal about the Constitution, but has one big blind spot: he never thinks about what it means, and does not mean, to be a natural born citizen of the United States. [318]

The liberal media are furious because Ben Carson said on television that homosexuality is a choice, as illustrated by how "a lot of people ... go into prison straight, and when they come out they’re gay." [319]

Conservatives are more powerful than they think. And they need not throw in with phonies to "win." [320]

Earth is getting cooler due to a decline in solar activity. [321]

90 minutes after release of the decision, there is still no story from the liberal media about the rejection of same-sex marriage by the Alabama Supreme Court. Reason: liberal spin can take some time.

The Alabama Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice Roy Moore, prohibit judges there from issuing same-sex marriage licenses in a 148-page decision: they "are ordered to discontinue the issuance of marriage licenses to same-sex couples." The liberal media do not know how to respond.

What do we really think of the Associated Press? And the rest of the Mainstream Media, for that matter? [322]

Bizarre reaction by the Dem leader in the House -- "Nancy Pelosi: Netanyahu speech ‘insulting to the intelligence of the United States.’" [323]

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker changes mind about immigration, now rejects amnesty for illegal immigrants.[324]

"Durham Free School: 'Creationism taught at' free school facing closure" in England. "Any school, academy or free school that is found to teach Creationism as a scientific fact would be in breach of the law and its funding agreement," and Brits will close the school before the end of the school year. [325]

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