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September through early November 2016

Crowd is enthusiastic at Trump election party in New York City, cheers as Trump apparently wins Florida and takes the lead in Michigan.

Washington Times calls Oklahoma and 4 Eastern states for Trump. [1]

Eric Trump on the importance of having an election not marred by voter fraud: "We’ve seen states where a few thousand votes can make a difference."[2]

Prominent evangelical pastor Franklin Graham has declared that the best choice for President in Tuesday’s elections “isn’t difficult to figure out if you are a Christian." [3]

Video of Donald Trump's last rally.[4] It was held in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

A "mile long line" greeted Donald Trump at his final campaign rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan," a key swing state. [5]

Donald Trump rocked a basketball gymnasium at Lackawanna College on Monday evening, bringing the 4,500-capacity crowd to a deafening roar. 'God’s behind him,' said Jamal Johnson, an African-American school counselor from East Stroudsburg.” [6]

Overrated Sports Star "LeBron James Campaigns with Hillary – But Hasn’t Voted in Years and Didn’t Vote for Hillary in the Primary." [7] Most liberal polling is based on their high 2012 turnout, but that turnout appears lower this year.

Moral relativism emerges as the fundamental issue in the 2016 Presidential Election. Why else can Hillary Clinton even stay in the race? Indeed has America permanently degraded to moral relativism leading to moral anarchy? [8][9]

"Did FBI save Hillary Clinton – or sink her?" [10] Wall Street thinks it saved her, but the grassroots should vote against her.

“You can’t review 650,000 new emails in eight days,” Trump observed. “You can’t do it, folks. Hillary Clinton is guilty. She knows it, the FBI knows it, the people know it.”
“Now it is up to the American people to deliver justice at the ballot box on November 8,” Trump continued. “It’s unbelievable. It’s unbelievable what she gets away with.” As quoted in Business Insider

"Posters depicting Hillary of having the demonic “Jezebel Spirit” were seen at several locations, including near the First AME Church of Los Angeles, a historically African-American church." [11]

Donald Trump's new campaign video: Argument for America.

Chinese pastor who was lame from his youth supernaturally healed. His atheist family converts to Christianity. [12]

Voluntary ethnic segregation is dramatically up in Britain. Militant Darwinists/atheists abandon all hope that atheistic indoctrination and assimilation will occur throughout Britain.[13]

Is America going the way of Ancient Rome? From abortion to the betrayal of Israel, the reasons should be clear to all. [14]

11 facts that the mainstream media say are true that are found in the book Clinton Cash:[15]

Immigration officers are calling upon voters to reject Hillary Clinton and her “radical” open borders vision that will “unleash” violence in American communities and “cause countless preventable deaths.”[16]

Watch Donald Trump's new campaign video: Change.

Trump rushed off stage by Secret Service due to a large attacker. Minutes later Trump calmly resumed his speech to the massive crowd.

"LA Times Poll: Donald Trump Leads Hillary Clinton by 5.4 Points" [17]; Hillary and Obama rush to heavily Dem Michigan to stop Trump from winning even it.

"30 Reasons in 30 Days to Vote for Donald Trump – #3 The Supreme Court." [18] See if you can change your early vote, if you've cast it for Hillary.

A look at clownish policymakers who are the only ones laughing at their own jokes – on us. [19]

"Hillary Clinton has traded very valuable votes near the Great Lakes for largely useless votes in states that border Mexico." [20] Trump speaks in Pennsylvania tonight, the working class State that could give him victory on Election Day.

A review of the findings of the New Horizons mission to Pluto. Those findings suggest an object of recent formation, thousands, not hundreds of millions, of years ago. [21][22]

"94.6 Million People Out of Labor Force in October," an increase in joblessness despite the spin by the lamestream media. [23] Donald Trump's top priority is more jobs for Americans.

"HILLARY’S MELTDOWN: Clinton 1 Hr 45 Min. Late for Speech, Has Hoarse, Raspy Voice, Seen Pacing in Lot." [24]

John Podesta: He "kept me out of jail". Top DOJ official involved in Clinton probe represented Podesta.[25]

The top 7 charges Hillary Clinton could face if she were elected president.[26]

Scrutiny of Huma Abedin intensifies. [27]

"Report: Indictment ‘Likely’ in Clinton Foundation FBI Investigation." [28]

"SHE’S CRACKING UP! Hillary Clinton’s Reaction to Single Protester Shows Signs of Instability." [29]

What makes a Hillary Clinton or lets her run for President? Moral relativism. [30]

Why should a liar lying surprise anyone? [31]

Dems made a colossal political mistake by criticizing the FBI director, and the former DNC chairman says he "wouldn't do that." [32]

"THE FINAL INSULT – The New York Times features a photo of Hillary Clinton being welcomed to an early voting site in Pompano Beach, Florida ... Surrounded by screaming TRUMP supporters!" [33]

If the Democratic Party dumps Hillary Clinton, as The Chicago Tribune urged them to do over the weekend, will the Democrats then try to delay the election? [34]

"Longtime Clinton Ally ... Withdraws Support of Hillary on Live Television." [35]

"FBI Obtains Warrant To Search Emails That Renewed Look Into Clinton Server," reports NPR.

An Ohio teacher laments that in this election, Donald Trump's crude language prevents her teaching a civics lesson in real time. Actually, she could, if she wanted to. She need only look at the evidence. [36]

"Donald Trump Blasts Hillary Clinton in Colorado: ‘She Is So Guilty.’" Trump's massive crowd chants, "Lock her up!" [37]

Cover-up by Hillary Clinton fails, and the FBI chief James Comey notified Congress of the reopened investigation despite DOJ attempts to censor him 11 days before the election. [38] Do voters want another Watergate with Hillary?

More Americans want Hillary Clinton indicted than elected. But who among Americans let her get to where she is today? [39]

Clinton supporters are bullies, says Scott Adams (creator of the Dilbert cartoon strip). [40]

A warning to all American voters of how important this election is. [41]

Disgraced Democratic operative Robert Creamer participated in daily calls with the Hillary Clinton campaign, and worked directly with Barack Obama to organize “issue campaigns.”[42]

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, one of the architects of Obamacare, stated that “There’s a million people” for whom Obamacare premium increases are “going to be severe — or uncomfortable.”[43]

North Carolina Republicans affected by the firebombing of their campaign office are speaking out, accusing the Obama administration’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) of covering up the political motivations behind the attack.[44]

The many faces of voter fraud and why fighting it is so important to our liberty. [45]

Megyn Kelly vs. Newt Gingrich. Gingrich calls Fox News an establishment news outlet. Kelly refuses to call Bill Clinton a sexual predator.[46]

Undecided voters usually go for the challenger (Trump), according to a study of 155 polls, and there are three times as many undecided or third-party voters (15%) now compared with 2012.

"Tim Kaine Holds Rally and ONLY 30 PEOPLE Show Up!" [47]

CNN admits that Hillary leads by only 5 points. [48] That is winnable for the conservative Trump: the Brexit boost was 5 points over polling, while Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan did 8-10 points better than polling.

Rigged polling: New John Podesta Email Exposes Playbook For Rigging Polls Through "Oversamples".[49]

The New York Times editorial page warns this weekend that Hillary Clinton is dangerous because of her “establishmentarian type of folly.”

Media fails to cover over 5,000 Hindu Indian-Americans turning out to see Donald Trump in New Jersey.[50]

Investigative reporter James O'Keefe's latest video exposes on Democrats seeking to commit voter fraud and rig the 2016 election in favor of Hillary Clinton is set to be released on Monday.

Trustworthy?: A powerful anti Hillary Clinton advertisement. [51]

Wikileaks confirms Clinton Cash book claim that Hillary Clinton helped broker the sale of 20% of U.S. uranium to the Russian government.[52]

Lou Dobbs cites Pew Research indicating potentially 18 million invalid voter registrations and 2 million dead.[53]

Donald Trump lays out his first 100 days in office should he win.[54]

Worst College Majors advice for Women: "Change their majors from “feminist dance therapy” to something in the STEM fields." [55]

Combatting voter fraud the old-fashioned, legal way: recruit your apathetic friends to vote for the first time. [56]

Hillary Clinton exposed – as a liar, a fraud, and a tyrant. [57]

"From Russia, With Money." The involvement of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta in a Russian energy company. [58][59]

Liberal double standard: Leftists supported Al Gore's refusal to accept the election results in 2000, yet complain about Trump for saying "I'll keep you in suspense."

Donald Trump gives a ringing endorsement of pro-life, and later rattled Hillary Clinton near the end of the debate by observing that she is a "nasty woman." [60] The liberal media try to divert attention to their silly, hypothetical question about accepting the election results.

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for liberty and accountability and against tyranny and treason. [61] To this point, here is another side-by-side comparison ahead of tonight's debate. [62]

"Trump chatter breaking all records on Facebook," as his "likes" far surpass Hillary's. [63]

Our "Unplug the NFL" campaign wins again: "‘Sunday Night Football’ Ratings Fall To 5-Year Low In OT Game." [64] The liberal media cannot blame a presidential debate or an unexciting game for this latest drop in ratings, as the game went into overtime with no political competition.

"42,000 Supporters Watch Donald Trump at Green Bay, Wisconsin Rally!" [65]

State Department pressured FBI to declassify an email by Hillary Clinton "in exchange for a 'quid pro quo.'" The improper action "appeared to be trying to protect Clinton by minimizing the appearance of classified government secrets in emails from the private server." [66]

Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton aides were upset a Muslim man was publicly named as the shooter in a 2015 massacre that left 14 people dead, and a longtime Clinton confidant even expressed regret that the terrorist wasn’t a white man.[67]

Liberal allegations of groping by Donald Trump are thoroughly debunked, starting with an eyewitness on the plane flight: "Not only did he not do so (and I was present at all times) but it was she that was the one being flirtatious." [68]

"Trump calls for drug test before debate," as other competitors are required to. "The GOP nominee often raises questions about whether Clinton has the stamina and strength to serve as president." [69]

Are the greatest threats to our own liberties in America in fact the very officials charged with protecting them? Twenty-four headlines suggest that might be the case. Add to it Vladimir Putin of Russia possibly preparing for war. [70]

Donald Trump v. Hillary Clinton: a side-by-side contrast. [71]

Anonymous says there is video of Bill Clinton raping a 13 year-old girl.[72][73]

Hillary Clinton purportedly said about Julian Assange, "Can't we just drone this guy?".[74]

Bob Dylan, a convert to Christianity who accepts the literal truth of the Bible, wins the Nobel Prize in Literature. [75]

Wikileaks released documents that are stirring up Catholic anger against Hillary. Trump demands that Hillary apologize and fire the staffers involved.[76]

A newly leaked email shows Hillary Clinton’s current campaign chairman John Podesta and a Left-wing activist casually discussing fomenting “revolution” in the Catholic Church.[77]

FBI and DOJ employees are angry that Hillary Clinton was not indicted.[78]

Donald Trump blasts Bill Clinton’s suggestion that the United States use Syrian refugees to rebuild Detroit.[79]

Hillary Clinton doesn't have the temperament to be president of the United States. She angrily threw a Bible at a Secret Service agent.[80]

Liberal double standard intensifies, as the media attempts to destroy Donald Trump based on allegations far less severe than the proven misconduct by Bill Clinton.

Republicans who caved into the liberal media by denouncing Trump then heard from the grassroots, and now many of them are returning to support Trump. [81]

Church is defaced by Muslim graffiti, demonstrating radical Islamic opposition to Trump's promise to build a wall to protect the border. [82]

A fresh, real world perspective on what Donald Trump actually said on that tape, as opposed to what the Mainstream Media quote him as saying. [83]

Trump cleans up the GOP! "Our very weak and ineffective leader, Paul Ryan, had a bad conference call where his members went wild at his disloyalty," Trump tweeted this morning. [84]

Sunday's debate was a scene out of a movie. Guess which one? [85]

Rampant liberal bias spends more time talking about RINO Paul Ryan, whom the grassroots heckled recently, than about another 2,086 emails concerning Hillary Clinton that were released by Wikileaks this morning. [86]

Hillary Clinton loses her phony smile and looks shaken as Donald Trump debunks her liberal claptrap with devastating retorts, such as telling Hillary "you'd be in jail" if Donald were President. See this long list of reasons why Donald Trump will prevail. [87]

The grassroots rebuke the Establishment for denouncing Trump: "GOP Voters Heckle Paul Ryan, Chant: 'SHAME ON YOU!' and "You turned your back on" Trump! [88] Also: shaming the protectors of putrid politics. [89]

A pathetic cast of RINOs comes out of the woodwork to oppose Donald Trump because of ... a lewd comment no worse than what many liberals and entertainers say routinely without criticism by the same RINOs.
The silver lining: now "let Trump be Trump" should prevail at the debate.

"You Need Both A Public And A Private Position," declared Hillary Clinton in a leaked statement, and her private position is "open trade and open borders." [90]

Panicked by its plummeting television ratings, the NFL lets Johnny Manziel back in, but not Tim Tebow. [91] And we'll continue to unplug the NFL.

Hillary is in it for the money, and nothing else. Barack Obama sought to destroy the country; Hillary seeks to loot it. [92]

Bill Clinton on Obamacare: "Craziest thing in the world". [93]

Our "Unplug the NFL" continues to succeed, and the clueless lamestream media can't figure out why: "NFL's 'Sunday Night Football' Ratings In Free Fall." [94]

MSNBC host: "‘As a Woman,’ Kaine’s ‘Over-Caffeinated Presentation,’ ‘Was Sort of Rude to the Moderator.’" [95] But the liberal double standard allows Dems to be rude to women. [96]

Conservative Mike Pence trounces Tim Kaine and his liberal style at the debate. [97] Kaine rudely interrupted Pence 70 times with liberal claptrap, and even interrupted the moderator many times, as liberals often do. [98]

"MSNBC’s Ruhle Asks Millennial Women If They Feel Connected to ClintonCrowd Yells ‘No!’" [99]

Liberal bias, again: "Corrupt US Media TOTALLY IGNORES Story on Bill Clinton’s Illegitimate Son." [100] If the story were false, a paternity test would have easily proven it.

Let Trump be Trump: he criticizes Hillary Clinton on marital issues, and RINOs don't like that. [101]

Hillary Clinton "Speaks to Half Empty Church in Charlotte (Photos)." [102] This election is starting to look like the time Scott Brown defeated his feminist opponent for Ted Kennedy's vacant U.S. Senate seat.

Stunning defeat of immigration and the EU: in a referendum, "92 PER CENT of Hungarians reject migrant quotas" imposed by the EU. [103]

News flash: many dinosaur bones are radioactive! This fact has some people speculating that extraterrestrial visitors killed the dinosaurs. In fact it offers further proof they died in the Great Flood. [104][105]

Setback for globalists: the separation by the U.K. will be a clean, "hard Brexit," with priority given to ending immigration. [106]

“The media is pounding away, throwing everything they got like George Foreman was, and every once in a while Donald Trump look up, he smiles and says ‘is that all you got?'” African American Milwaukee sheriff David Clarke observes. [107] “The liberal mainstream media is dwindling into irrelevancy,” he declares.

"Since Conventions: Trump Has Had 337,995 at RalliesHillary Has Had 13,970." [108]

Instead of caring about many working people, the Democrats, are now a party dominated by environmentalists and multiculturalists.[109]

U.S. Congress overwhelmingly rejects Barack Hussein Obama’s veto of a bill letting the families of 9/11 victims sue the Saudi Arabian government, in the first successful veto override of Obama’s presidency.[110]

Our "Unplug the NFL" succeeds again: "NFL Ratings Drop Across The Board In Week 3." [111] We were the leaders on this, but of course the liberal media searches in vain for other factors.

A rebuttal to the claims for old earth creationism. The science actually shows the earth to be young. [112]

Donald Trump questions why debate moderator Lester Holt didn't ask about Hillary's scandals.VIDEO.

Like Ronald Reagan in 1980, Trump achieved the goal of looking presidential and disproving liberal smears that he lacked the necessary temperament, observes a writer for USA Today

Another reason to unplug the NFL: it has become yet another cult of idol worship in the long, sorry history of fallen man. [113]

Media Research Center's Brent Bozelle: "Lester Holt clearly heard the cries of his colleagues in the liberal media to be tough on Trump and ease up on Hillary loud and clear. Holt continually challenged, fact-checked, and interrupted Trump and not once challenged Hillary."[114]

Hillary Clinton's eyes look and move oddly during the debate, while she spews out heavily scripted soundbites. Hillary apparently has trouble rolling her eyes rightward toward Trump.

To understand Barack Obama and how he could have become President, first understand what replaced the guiding philosophy of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. [115]

Should the States apply to Congress to call an Article V convention of the States for proposing amendments to the United States Constitution? Reflections on a simulated convention, and interviews with convention organizers. [116]

"Obama used pseudonym in emails with Clinton," which shocked even a Clinton aide. [117]

Gov. Pat McCrory declared a state of emergency for the city of Charlotte, NC and deployed the National Guard and State Highway Patrol troopers to assist local police. City has not released the video which is said to be an ambiguous video.[118][119]

Recent evidence refutes the notion that believing in evolution automatically makes you smart. Even further evidence shows why evolution has even less support than has creation. [120][121]

A left-wing blogger says one of Hillary Clinton’s top aides urged him in 2008 to write articles suggesting that then-Senator Barack Obama “was not a natural born citizen.”[122]

'Hillary Clinton has plenty of victims of her own – victims of her failed policies as well as of any "hit jobs" she might have ordered. [123]

The U.S. presidential race across the battleground states has tightened considerably.[124]

German voters punish Angela Merkel and her party the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) for their wide open immigration policy. The right-wing party, the Alternative for Germany (AfD), made big gains.[125]

Trump puts together a new Prolife coalition headed by Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List. [126]

Phyllis Schlafly's last book 'The Conservative Case For Trump' has already outsold Hillary Clinton's book 'Stronger Together'. [127]

Supporters of the ISIS rushed to celebrate Saturday night’s powerful explosion in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood that injured at least 29 people.[128]

"Priebus Warns Kasich, Bush, CruzRNC May Block Future Runs for Lying About Supporting Trump." [129]

Phyllis Schlafly slowed the march of social liberalism by decades in America which caused several longstanding conservative victories which remain with us today.[130]

An election analysis conducted in the Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation project shows that the presidential race has tightened considerably over the past few weeks.[131]

Rating the most disliked groups of Americans: Atheists take spot number 2 due to "lack of morals". [132]

Donald Trump allows late night talk host Jimmy Fallon to mess up his hair on national television while he is "still a civilian." [133]

DHS accused of sitting on damning border report as immigration continues to be a hot button presidential campaign issue.[134]

Donald Trump hands over medical records to Dr. Oz on television show.[135]

L.A. Times stunned by racial diversity of Donald Trump campaign volunteers.[136]

Does Hillary Clinton use a decoy? It wouldn't be the first time! Adolf Hitler, Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, Josef Stalin, and many others have used decoys. [137]

Hillary Clinton was so incapacitated that her car drove off with her missing a shoe. [138]

The University of Minnesota reports that in recent years American dislike of atheists has grown.[139][140] See: American atheism

"Clinton IT aide pleads Fifth, skips hearing." [141]

Even liberals are criticizing Hillary Clinton now, for concealing her medical problems as she seeks to become president. [142]

Hillary Clinton had a “medical episode” that required her to leave a 9/11 commemoration ceremony.[143][144]

Hillary Clinton described half of Donald Trump's supporters as a "basket of deplorables" in a fundraising speech. [145]

  • ... regrets saying it [146]

Phyllis Schlafly's funeral Saturday was honored with a eulogy by Donald Trump, who received a standing ovation! [147]

Poll of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) show 71% of their doctors believe Hillary Clinton's health concerns are “serious" and "could be disqualifying for the position of President of the U.S.”.[148]

The Nation on Phyllis Schlafly: Donald Trump "slipped in a reference to her as an 'America First' battler and praised her legacy as a 'movement' builder and leader. That movement did not start recently. Phyllis Schlafly began building it 70 years ago. She built it within the Republican Party. And now, in the age of Trump, it has come to define the Republican Party." [149]

The Washington Post on Phyllis Schlafly: "Schlafly's ideas on sex education and sexual harassment in the workplace continue to thrive. That's both a testament to Schlafly's considerable political skill and the enduring appeal of some of her ideas." [150]

The Atlantic on Phyllis Schlafly: "it was impossible to look at the work she had done and not recognize the skill, savvy, and frankly, genius it took to build and market the STOP ERA movement." [151]

An irony of history: The feminist witch Betty Friedan was so mad about the defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment that she warned Phyllis Schlafly, “I’d like to burn you at the stake.”[152]

Donald Trump "said Mrs. Schlafly was 'a conservative icon who led millions to action, reshaped the conservative movement, and fearlessly battled globalism and the ‘kingmakers’ on behalf of America’s working class.'" [153]

Conservative legend Phyllis Schlafly passes away at age 92. [154]

She spent 70 years in public service to her fellow Americans. "Mrs. Schlafly drove feminists nuts," observes the Washington Post. [155]

July and August 2016

Dr. Robert Lahita, Chair of Medicine at Newark’s Beth Israel Medical Center: Hillary Clinton's health is "disconcerting at best."[156]

New Atheist Convention cancelled. Lack of interest. [157]

Shameless Clinton Foundation is a bribery receptacle.[158]

Donald Trump hired veteran conservative organizer David Bossie to help build his campaign’s voter-turnout operation.[159]

No show Hillary Clinton, that’s what we call her in Louisiana. [160]

"DONALD TRUMP RECEIVES STANDING OVATION" at an African American church in Detroit, but the lamestream media resort to liberal denial about it. [161]

CNN admits that Trump's speech was a "warmly received message of unity that focused on fixing economic hardship in the black community," in Detroit. [162]

The deeper meaning behind Colin Kaepernick's display: perhaps America should unplug more than just the NFL. [163]

What Donald Trump must do to win: be sure of the integrity of the election process. [164]

First Florida hurricane in 11 years.[165]

Will Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton be too busy fundraising, vacationing, golfing, etc. to visit Florida? Will Donald Trump have to do their job again?

The resources of Mexican drug cartels, will be seized and used to fund Donald Trump’s border wall if he wins the 2016 presidential election.[166]

Donald Trump said Wednesday night there is “only one core issue” in the debate over immigration.[167]

Hillary Clinton's incoherent attempt to preempt the Donald Trump visit to Mexico.[168]

More evidence that New Atheism is dead and militant atheism is dying in the West.[169]

The Christian blog Shadow To Light posted a great article entitled New Atheism’s Obituary.[170]

"Trump Leads as Hillary Clinton Loses Post-Convention Polling Bounce." [171] Wow, that did not take long!

As Trump improves to nearly even with Hillary in the polls, he "laid out a 10-point, hard-line immigration plan in Phoenix Wednesday night that quashed any expectations he would pivot from his position or soften his tone." [172]

Some of Israel's leaders think all they have to do is "explain." The Hebrew word for that is hasbara. But you can't always explain away your enemy's reasons for inveterate hate. [173]

The real battle Donald Trump is fighting: for national sovereignty against the concept of globalism. [174]

"Obama's former doctor: Clinton should have neurological exam." [175] Liberal denial at work by Clinton supporters in claiming otherwise?

Anthony Weiner's third internet sex scandal is one humiliation too many for Huma Abedin - she dumps Anthony Weiner.[176]

Nigel Farage says he gave Donald Trump a bounce and Trump will be the next Ronald Reagan.[177]]

New York Times: Breitbart News has arrived. [178] Breitbart News is solidly pro-Trump.

Donald Trump is on track to win Pennsylvania's 20 electoral college votes, as he closes the gap to only 3 points. [179] Trump will beat polls by 5 points due to higher turnout and the boost that Ronald Reagan and Brexit had over polling.

Why would patriotic Americans support the NFL, as a leading QB announces he will defiantly refuse again to stand for the National Anthem? Addiction to watching football is difficult for many to break, but conservative values help.

Education is the path to emancipation. But of course the Democrat Party does not want true emancipation for some of its constituents. Could that be why those same constituents are now giving Donald Trump a second look? [180]

Now the Denver Broncos do not have a decent quarterback, when they could have been developing the hard-working winner Tim Tebow. [181] Tebow quotes the Bible too much to be allowed to play in the NFL.

The dignity of humankind derives and inheres from God. Liberals will never admit this. Neither will Muslims. [182]

Why liberals and socialists are so in love with Islamand why the world might owe Friedrich Nietzsche an apology. [183]

Another reason to unplug the NFL: unlike 20 years ago, and unlike the NBA, the NFL is OK with players defiantly refusing to stand for the National Anthem. [184] Time to unplug 'em.

The atheist movement and battle fatigue.[185]

ISIS and the Nazi SS: some disturbing parallels. [186]

11 liberal media outlets call for the shutdown of the Clinton Foundation.[187]

Liberal denial fooled the lamestream media, but not authorities in Brazil which was hurt by it. Liberal favorite "Ryan Lochte charged by Brazilian authorities" for making a false report to police. He downplayed its falsity, which didn't help. [188]

Evangélicos are causing American, secular leftists to quake in their boots. Evangélicos will beat militant atheism like a piñata. Olé! Olé! Olé![189]

Public interest in naturalism and anti-supernaturalism is declining. Public interest in the miraculous and the supernatural is up.[190]

Wikileaks just dropped a bombshell about Hillary Clinton's health.[191]

7 reasons why the public must demand to see Hillary Clinton's medical records.[192]

Time for a few reminders about the last Clinton we had in the White House. [193]

Liberal media working overtime for Hillary: "NYT columnist calls on Google to 'fix' search results about Clinton's health." [194]

Gov. Mike Pence: Hillary Clinton needs to stop hiding from the media, “come clean” with Americans and “shut down the Clinton Foundation.”[195]

Rudy Giuliani: Press ignores Hillary Clinton's poor health.[196]

Is the internet destroying atheism and the atheist movement?[197]

What are the odds of the atheist movement becoming successful? 10 reasons why the atheist movement will utterly fail.[198]

A Muslim father expresses fear of the fate of his children under a Donald Trump administration. Would he prefer life in a majority Muslim country, especially in the Middle East? [199]

Animal rights activists wish death upon 12-year-old girl hunter just because she killed a giraffe and a few other animals.[200]

Why are liberals picking on a 12-year-old girl?

Colin Powell pops: Hillary Clinton's trying to pin her email scandal on me![201]

Hillary Clinton’s top campaign aide, Huma Abedin, worked for a radical Muslim publication that opposed women’s rights and blamed the US for 9/11.[202]

Setback for liberal denial: three companies, including Speedo and Ralph Lauren, drop their sponsorship deals with Olympian Ryan Lochte, whose self-serving lies in the media marred the 2016 Summer Olympics. [203]

The experts don't understand: the essence of Islam is totalitarian and bloodthirsty. Even many Muslims say: "moderate Muslim" is an oxymoron. [204]

7 pieces of GRIM news for the atheist who asked: "What's killing the atheist movement?".[205]

Islam departs significantly from monotheism as Jews and Christians understand the term. If the Catholic theologian George Weigand could see that, why can't Pope Francis see it, also? [206]

"Trump Widens Lead to 2 Points in Latest USC Dornsife Daybreak Poll," [207] also the Dem Governor of Louisiana praises Trump for visiting the flooding there.

How Star Trek can save itself from oblivion: re-enact the American Revolution. [208]

Atheism and disco don't mix or remix![209] See also: Atheism and dance

Question: Why didn't PZ Myers help atheists breakout out of the white, male, nerd population by encouraging disco dancing within the atheist movement in the mid 1970s and early 1980s? Professor Myers, leadership is by example! See: Atheist nerds

Liberals ruined the Olympics, from promoting a false tale of armed robbery by a media wannabe, to posting insulting messages against a young Christian gymnast. The result: "way, way down with a 33% drop in viewership and a cratering 39% in the 18-49s" from its already weak TV rating for Opening Ceremonies. [210]

The science of Star Trek makes controversial claims, some of which it cannot justify. On the other hand, it plays into some current controversies, e.g., Relativity. [211]

Liberal denial "leaves USA Swimming smoldering ... [Ryan Lochte] has done damage to people other than himself and he should take ownership of that." [212]

Evangelical Protestantism vs. atheism.[213]

Look here at what is going on in inner-city schools. Donald Trump knows this and is already talking about the obvious solution. [214]

The internet spreading reports of miracles is killing atheism and will continue to do so. Pentecostalism and evangelical Christianity are booming.

Also, the healing of amputees.[215]

A federal judge orders Hillary Clinton to answer questions from Judicial Watch about her use of a private email server when she served as secretary of state.[216]

Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence are going to Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Friday to meet victims of the flooding. Hillary Clinton and Obama are vacationing.[217]

Donald Trump's black support grew 500% in one week.[218] 9---- As children go back to school, parents must ask: What is my child learning? [219]

When you promote evolutionism, you promote license. And when you promote license, you disrespect liberty. The writers of Star Trek didn't realize that. [220]

Reviewing Zbigniew Brzezinski and the moral relativism he used as the cornerstone of his work. Barack Obama does the same. [221]

Where is Barack Hussein Obama as Louisiana drowns and inner cities burn? He's out playing golf at Martha's Vineyard, that's where. [222]

Does the term "ugly American" really refer to "liberal American"? Ryan Lochte, a favorite of liberals, is indicted in Brazil for smearing the country with a false report after he misbehaved himself. He got out quickly, however, leaving his teammates detained in Rio de Janerio. [223]

2 pieces of BAD news for Irish atheists.[224]

Conservapedia proven right, again: liberal media favorite Ryan Lochte apparently "vandalized Rio gas station, got in fight," and then the media unfairly smeared Brazil with Lochte's tale of being robbed at gunpoint. [225]
Why did the International Olympic Committee defend the liars who wrongly harmed the reputation of the host nation?

How free were Federation citizens in Star Trek? Look more closely at the Articles of Federation. You won't like the answer. [226]

See how the Mainstream Media deliberately create controversy about Donald Trump to protect and promote their favorite candidate, Hillary Clinton. [227]

Olympians pulled off the plane! The liberal media promoted a tale by one of their own, swimmer Ryan Lochte, of supposedly being robbed at gunpoint. But a Brazilian judge does not cave into the American press, and now Lochte has a lot of questions to answer despite making it to U.S. [228]

When Obama went to Saudi Arabia where they stone/behead homosexuals, he did not bring up the issue of homosexuality.

When Obama goes to AIDS ravaged Africa, he pushes the homosexual agenda despite the majority of nations in Africa having anti-homosexuality views.[229] See also: Homosexuality and health

People in homosexual ‘marriages’ almost 3 times more likely to commit suicide - even in homosexuality friendly Sweden.[230]

Donald Trump takes off his gloves, hires the CEO of Breitbart to push back against the liberal media! "The fight with the media's going to be way worse because Breitbart was very tough on the press, more than anyone else," observes NYT media columnist Jim Rutenberg. [231]

Ever wonder how the civilians of Star Trek ran their economy? Look no further than: communism. [232]

Even the atheism loving BBC now provides ammunition to those who say that UK atheists will face an uphill battle in coming years.[233]

Remember to keep a stiff upper lip British atheists. It's going to get much worse for UK atheist activism.

Meet Mrs. Quid pro quoHillary Rodham Clinton. What do you get out of it when she sells government policy to the highest bidder? [234]

Why education must be free of government – a Constitutional and Biblical case. [235]

Jamaica is the strongest in standing up against the homosexual agenda, and the country is #1 in gold medals per capita (1M population minimum). [236] Jamaica is expected to win even more gold in upcoming sprints.

Star Trek observes its fiftieth anniversary this year. But did it project a realistic view of human social development? First in a series. [237]

A 25% drop in viewership of the Olympics among the key demographic of 18-49 year olds. "Young people today don’t watch as much television," observes Economics Prof. Andrew Zimbalist. [238] That's bad news for the liberal media.

A thermonuclear bomb of Christianity has hit the region formerly known as "godless Britain".[239]

A 3,000 pound Western atheism car is no match for a 1,000,000 pound global desecularization freight train.[240]

Also, see our new article: Atheism and morality quotes

Wonder why Germany wins zero (0) medals in gymnastics? Homeschooling is illegal in Germany.
UPDATE: two German gymnasts out of its public school system, one for ten years, finally medal.

Systems thinking: Atheism vs. evangelical Christianity. Another reason why interest in atheism plunged and evangelical Christianity is seeing rapid growth.[241]

Devoutly Christian, Usain St. Leo Bolt just won his record 3rd straight gold in the 100m dash. Notice how the liberal media never mention his middle name. [242]

Gabby Douglas is an outspokenly Christian Olympic gymnast. Liberals harassed her relentlessly on social media as they did to Tim Tebow, hindering her performance. "What did she ever do to anyone?" her mother asks. [243]

Tim Kaine, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s running mate, dined exclusively with the son of progressive billionaire George Soros on Thursday evening.[244] Kaine is in the pocket of liberal global elitists?

Hillary Clinton said she did not know if she could even stand up because she was so exhausted after the Democratic convention in Philly.[245]

Imam is shot in New York City. New York Muslims blame it on Donald Trump - not backlash relating to Muslim terrorists attacks on the USA and around the world.[246]

NBC's drop in television ratings is an even bigger loser at the Olympics than U.S. women's soccer, whose goalie is being criticized by many except the liberal media for her negative remarks after failing to medal.

Self-centered libertarianism exposed: "Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson on Friday acknowledged his donations to charity are 'almost nonexistent.'" [247]

Classic joke/satire about atheism: This is what atheists actually believe.

Cheryl Mills helped Clinton Foundation while serving as chief of staff in Clinton's State Department.[248]

Iran Ransom: Feds claim $1.7 billion paid in full - but won't explain how.[249]

AP reporter confronts State Department on Clinton Foundation: "Am I not speaking English?[250]

Liberal double standard: the media is just fine with the goalie of the losing U.S. women's soccer team calling the winning Swedish team "a bunch of cowards," but if Donald Trump ever acted that way he would be criticized relentlessly. [251]

The American Solidarity Party now has ballot access in Colorado. [252]

How the Mainstream Media have become the thing the Founding Fathers most feared. [253]

Homeschooled Simone Biles wins Olympic gold in all-around gymnastics.

Conservapedia proven right, again: despite media hype and lots of U.S. gold, viewership is down "dramatically" for the Olympics.

But even Fox News gives false liberal, rather than accurate conservative, reasons why. [254]

Donald Trump: Barack Hussein Obama is "the founder" of ISIS.[255] Co-founder of ISIS is "crooked Hillary Clinton."

Obama's America: Unknown killers have murdered three young middle-class women on jogging paths in a single week.[256] What is Obama's incompetent FBI doing about this?

Hillary Clinton is silent on the ransom paid to Iran.[257]

The elephant in the room at the Democratic National Convention: the Clinton Foundation. Where does it get its money, and how does it spend it? [258]

Another reason to unplug the NFL: new rules pander so much to Overrated Sports Stars who are quarterbacks, like Tom Brady, that opposing players will hardly be allowed even to tackle them. [259]

Homeschooled Simone Biles -- being called by some the greatest gymnast ever -- leads the U.S. to a record-breaking gold medal victory. [260]

The parents of two of the four Americans who died in the Benghazi attack are suing Hillary Clinton.[261]

Jeb Bush's son, George P. Bush, is pledging to support Donald Trump in November.[262]

Dozens of news organization donated to the Clinton Foundation.[263]

The barrage of anti-atheism material upon Britain is working. British atheism is crumbling. Evangelical Christianity is on the rise![264]

Despite nonstop bias against Donald Trump by the liberal media, the latest poll shows he's tied in Florida and behind by only 2 points in Ohio. [265] If Trump gets the 5-10 point boost that Ronald Reagan got over the polls on election day, Trump will win by a landslide.

Hillary Clinton’s decision not to seek the endorsement of The Fraternal Order of Police is a sign she is “anti-law enforcement”.[266]

Donald Trump's economic plan given in Detroit speech.[267]

Hillary Clinton: Aids helped her ascend stairs.[268] Trump scaled a wall to get past protestors!

Liberal media try to smear Donald Trump unfairly again, this time claiming that "50 GOP officials" have slammed him. In fact, the 50 are a list of washed-up bureaucrats with "Former" before their obscure titles.

Ray Comfort says about his new film The Atheist Delusion, "In the past, most of what I have said to atheists has been like water off a duck's back. This movie rips the feathers off the duck."[269]

Devout Catholic Katie Ledecky, who explains her faith "defines who I am," wins Olympic gold and breaks her world record by nearly two seconds. [270]

How predictive is the 2016 Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton presidential polling?[271][272]

Fresh statistics that show Trump crushing Hillary in November. Current polling doesn't match with social media numbers. [273]

Setback for liberals: Olympic "Team USA members sing 'God Bless America.'" [274]

Our liberal rulers say Syrian refugees for thee, not for me. Dispersed to "communities at least 100 miles away from the nation’s capital." [275]

"American interest in the Olympics is at an all-time low. What gives?" [276] Joke sports, political correctness, endless swimming events won by the same person, and liberal claptrap by the media detract from the timeless event.

James Comey of the FBI had many reasons, none of them good, to give Hillary Clinton a pass. The reasons vary from conflict of interest to simple like-mindedness. [277]

Study from Harvard University finds that religion causes people to treat others more fairly. [278]

Mike Maturen is selected as the presidential candidate for the American Solidarity Party, a Christian Democratic party based on Catholic social teaching. [279]

Has a stroke made Hillary Clinton mentally ill? Watch this amazing video. [280]

Interest in atheism's kissing cousin agnosticism is dropping too. The thrill of godlessness has gone away for good![281]

Ronald Reagan wrongly signed a pro-immigration bill, so perhaps Michael Reagan is correct in asserting that Reagan would have differed from Donald Trump on whether to endorse Paul Ryan and John McCain. [282] But Ronald Reagan also became pro-gun control and no conservative claims he was perfect.

Until America identifies and recognizes Islam as the enemy of civilization, America will lose the war. [283]

The List: The last 30 days of Islamic terrorist attacks. 1165 people were killed and 1803 injured. [284]

Tragic news from gun controlled Britain: "London knife attack leaves 1 dead, 5 hurt." [285]

"#NeverTrump Kansas GOP Lawmaker Loses Primary to Pro-Trump Challenger," and more incumbents who cling to "Toxic Ted Cruz" could also lose. [286]"

Islam is Islam, regardless of any qualifiers. Are more Western leaders at last beginning to understand that? [287]

Could the Second Horseman of the Apocalypse refer, not to outbreaks of war, but to violence of all kinds? Including abortion, crime, and rioting, as well as terrorism? [288]

Two historic firsts: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Which do you find more attractive? Look at the record. [289]

This is pathetic: Obama tries to lecture Republicans and tell conservatives whom to support. [290] Does Obama really think his opinion has any credibility?

Muslims easily take offense – maybe too easily. Could they do this by design, to stop people from looking too closely? [291]

The horrific Zika virus spreads into Florida from South America: "This is the first time the CDC has warned people not to travel to an American neighborhood for fear of catching an infectious disease." [292]

Conservapedia proven right, again: "Top Jeb Bush adviser leaves GOP, will vote for Clinton if Florida close." [293] Jeb was a puppet for the Establishment.

Shock poll: live on Bravo TV has Trump beating Clinton 65% To 35%. "This poll received more responses than any other poll ever done" [294]

Bernie abandons Dems by leaving the party: "Bernie Sanders Leaves Democratic Party to Return to Independent in Senate." [295]

"Koch Brothers Will Not Oppose Globalist Clinton; Ryan Headlines Event." [296]

What modern liberalism shares in common with a more ancient error: paganism. [297]

Happy 60th birthday to our national motto 'In God We Trust.' We're certain that not many Progressives will be celebrating this. [298]

New poll conducted after the Democrat convention shows Trump with a 6-point lead. No bounce for Hillary. [299]

Ray Comfort: Atheism Destroyed with One Scientific Question.[300]

A pre-release digital download of the movie was just released and is available now at

In this election, do Americans have a good choice? [301]

Recent study from the Barna Group finds churchgoing Americans are among the most generous people in the world. Cities with the highest percentage of people who give to charities are also the cities who give most often to churches. [302]

Hillary Clinton's television ratings for her much-promoted speech were a bust, lower than Donald Trump's. [303]

Time for the Koch brothers to put up or shut up: "An adviser to another major Koch network donor added: 'Some of the Koch donor class this weekend is surely going to say, Hey, guys, get on board" for Donald Trump. [304]

Liberal double standard: Obama plagiarized a line from Donald Trump, Jr.'s speech, he tweets. Donald Jr. said in his speech, "That's not the America I know” and Obama later delivered virtually the same line. "Where's the outrage?" Donald Jr. adds. [305]

Islam is not a religion. It is a political movement in religious dress. [306]

This is pathetic: Obama tries to persuade Americans that Trump is not conservative. If so, wouldn't that make Obama like Trump more?? "But what we heard in Cleveland last week wasn’t particularly Republican – and it sure wasn’t conservative," Obama absurdly said in his speech Wednesday night. [307]

"Trump steals the spotlight at Democratic convention." [308] Once the liberal media belatedly realized this, they abruptly dropped their headlines about him.

Time for nominal Christians to "wake up" and join the ranks of the living in Christ. [309]

"Sanders Delegates Walk out of Convention in Protest" by the hundreds. [310]

"Dems fret over Trump bounce ... A new CBS News survey shows Trump leading 44 percent to 43 percent, and a Los Angeles Times/USC poll shows him with a 4-point lead ... Quinnipiac University earlier this month showing Trump up by 3 points in Florida and 2 points in Pennsylvania." [311]

Abraham began the most critical period of human history by substituting monotheism for polytheism. Will Islam bring human history to a close? [312]

A condensed version of dirt concerning the DNC emails released by Wikileaks A rigged system and media collusion is an understatement. [313]

Top Dem at their convention is forced to resign after leaked emails "show a plot by DNC officials to damage Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary." [314]

Liberal logic: the Munich young mass murderer was obsessed with playing violent video games and planned his attack for a year, [315] and yet some claim that there were no warning signs.

"Hungary prime minister says Trump is better candidate for Europe." [316]

Another teenager obsessed with video games commits mass murder. The killer of 9 in Germany used a fake Facebook account to lure young victims. [317]

Hillary Clinton shows her worry about being defeated by pro-life Catholic voters: Hillary picked as VP so-called "anti-abortion" Catholic Tim Kaine (he's not really against abortion), thereby "Testing Feminists’ Loyalty." [318]

Why electing Donald Trump is a conservative imperative. [319]

Donald Trump gave a fiery, passionate acceptance speech: "Americanism not globalism will be our credo! ... The American people will come first once again. ... There can be no prosperity without law and order. ... Hillary Clinton is their puppet, and [big business, elite media, and major donors] pull the strings." About the forgotten Americans, Trump declares "I am your voice!"

Future of Fox News Channel thrown into doubt: "Roger Ailes Resigns as Fox News Chief After Sexual Harassment Accusations." [320]

Sarah Palin: “Cruz’s broken pledge to support the will of the people tonight was one of those career-ending ‘read my lips’ moments,” yet Cruz himself remains defiant afterwards and invents new excuses for it. [321]

Delegates booed Ted Cruz and heckled his wife after Cruz refused to endorse Trump at the convention tonight. "On the donor suite level, people approached Cruz and insulted him, a source told CNN's Dana Bash. ... 'He's self-centered. It's all about Ted Cruz,'" observed the Republican national committeeman from Arkansas, Jonathan Barnett. [322]

Cruz delegates throw a tantrum on the floor of the Republican National Convention, disrupting it as Leftists try to do. [323] Self-centered, delusional Cruz is doing the work of Hillary Clinton.

Trump announces that he picked Mike Pence to unify the Republican Party, [324] but self-serving Ted Cruz continues to break his pledge to support the nominee, and Cruz continues his delusional campaign for 2020.

"Pence opposes gun control, abortion, same-sex marriage and amnesty for immigrants." [325] But Ted Cruz and Cruzites refuse to support Trump-Pence, and instead continue Cruz's delusional run for 2020.

Capitalism and socialism: those are the choices we face in this election. [326]

Is Barack Obama deliberately fomenting chaos to justify declaring martial law? Why did he create a Ready Reserve Corps and bury that in the Obamacare Bill? [327]

Barack Obama shows his true colors with his conduct in the Orlando shooting, the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal, and other crimes. [328]

Conservative triumph on the GOP Platform, which for the first time includes building a Wall along the southern border. Liberal Republicans, encouraged by LGBT advocates, will file a minority report for the first time in 40 years, and attempt to force a debate before the full convention on Monday. [329]
UPDATE: the minority report collapses, in humiliation to the Cruz delegates who supported it.

Setback for the homosexual agenda: all motions to advance the agenda in the Republican platform have been defeated during its general session today in Cleveland. Next up this afternoon: will the new inclusion into the platform of a Wall remain?

Severe flooding overwhelms Kentucky. The Answers in Genesis Noah's ark replica called the Ark Encounter came through the flood fine as it was built to biblical standards.[330]

A mother on Conservapedia: "I suggest you go to, click on the link, "Atheism Is a Religion". Secularists are so quick to point out treachery done by "Christians", but at Conservapedia, there's extensive documentation of treachery done by non-theists to be found there. I'm not saying that you're among them, but like it or not it's reality."[331] See also: Moral failures of the atheist population

The young mass murderer had been active on Facebook in ranting against "whites". [332] Yet the lamestream media fails to explore a potential psychological effect of Facebook on attention-seekers who resort to mass murder.

Sniper who "wanted to kill white people -- especially white officers" shot 12 police officers in Dallas, killing 5. [333]

Is delusional Ted Cruz asking for Donald Trump's endorsement for 2020 in their private meeting today? [334] More likely Trump is telling Ted that the train is leaving the station now, with or without Ted.

Update from delusional Cruzites: instead of working to elect Donald Trump, Ted Cruz is already planning his run for president in 2020! [335] The mega-donors financing Cruz are globalists, not social conservatives.

John Bachtell, national chairman of the Communist Party USA, is backing Hillary Clinton for president.[336]

Massive student debt incurred with Worst College Majors gets a potential loophole for students to avoid paying, but only at for-profit colleges. [337]

Breitbart runs a story on biased "Wikipedia’s Seven Worst Moments." [338] "Far from the truth" is how many would view any denial of Wikipedia's bias, Breitbart adds.

Barack Obama didn't start the bloody history of Islam. But he has enabled it during his seven and a half years in office. [339]

FBI Director James B. Comey recommends no charges for Hillary Clinton for her email practices as Secretary of State. [340]

Comey indicates: "To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions."

Double standard. Hillary Clinton is above the law.

Update on Worst College Majors: "Few Top Colleges Require History Majors to Study American History." [341]