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How to Archive Older News items

Note: You must be an Administrator to archive items from the Breaking News section of the Main Page.

  1. Edit Template:Mainpageright.
  2. Select the section of news you want to archive.
  3. Cut the section and paste to Notepad (or similar editor).
  4. Put this in the edit Summary: "trimmed to archive"
  5. Click the "show preview" button.
  6. If the preview looks good, click the "Save page" button.
  7. Edit Main Page/Previous Conservapedia Breaking News.
  8. Follow this example to add a new day to the archive:
== September 2007 ==
=== September 18 ===
a. Add the currrent date after the month but above the previous date:
== September 2007 ==
=== September 19 ===
=== September 18 ===
b. Add 2 blank lines and copy and paste the section you pasted to notepad (step 3):
== September 2007 ==
=== September 19 ===
President George W. Bush picks a judicial adviser to GOP presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani as the new Attorney General: Michael B. Mukasey. [1] Liberal U.S. SenatorChuck Schumer gives this fellow New Yorker two thumbs up.
=== September 18 ===
c. Put this in the edit Summary: "September 19" (use the current date)
d Click the "show preview" button.
e If the preview looks good, click the "Save page" button.

You're done!

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