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Malcolm Turnbull is an Australian politician who was elected Federal leader of the Liberal Party of Australia, and therefore Federal Leader of the Opposition, on 16 September 2008. On December 1, 2009, he lost a leadership vote to Tony Abbott and retired to the Liberal "back benches" due to him not representing the majority of Liberal members thoughts and for being 'soft' on issues such as climate change, same sex marriage and republicanism (all of which are against the Liberal party's principles)

He has previously served as Environment Minister in the government of John Howard and after Howard's 2007 election loss as Shadow Federal Treasurer under then Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson.

Turnbull represents the wealthy Sydney seat of Wentworth in Federal Parliament. Wentworth has a socially liberal population, and Turnbull's stated views reflect this.

He is now the prime minister of Australia, assuming office on September 15, 2015.