Manuel Noriega

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Manuel Noriega mug shot.jpg
Manuel Noriega
Personal Life
Date & Place of Birth February 11, 1938
Panama City
Claimed religion
Education Chorrillos Military School
Spouse -
Children -
Date & Place of Death -
Manner of Death -
Place of Burial -
Dictatorial Career
Country Panama
Military Service n/a
Highest rank attained n/a
Political beliefs
Political party
Date of Dictatorship 1983-1989
Wars started -
Number of Deaths attributed -

Manuel Antonio Noriega (born February 11, 1934) is the former Panamanian general and the military dictator of Panama, serving from 1983-1989. Ad the US found that Noriega had contacts with drug dealers, George H.W. Bush started an intervention to overthrow Noriega. After this Noriega was arrested in a prison in Miami. He was sentenced for 60 years in prison for Corruption and murdering of political opponents.[1] At the time of his removal from power, as many as 93% of Panama's citizens supported American military action. He took refuge in the Vatican embassy. The US military played loud rock music to get him to leave. During an unspecified AC/DC song, Noriega surrendered. As of 2014, he remains in prison.