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Mark Henry, nicknamed "The World's Strongest Man", is a sports entertainer currently performing for World Wrestling Entertainment. He has previously competed in the 1992 Olympics and 1995 Pan-American Games. When away from the ring he enjoys writing poetry.


At a young age, Henry was given weight equipment by his mother. He quickly took to it and by the time he reached high school he was squatting over 900 pounds.[1] He was also able to lift over 900 pounds on the deadlift. Henry went on to the 1992 summer olympics in Barcelona. He competed in the superheavyweight division and finished in tenth place.[2] He fared better at the 1995 Pan-American games by picking up a gold medal as well as a silver and bronze. Henry looked to continue his success at the 1996 Atlanta summer Olympic games. It was not to be as he was forced to pull out after suffering a back injury.


Henry's weightlifting success caught the eye of WWE owner Vince McMahon. McMahon offered Henry a long-term contract worth ten million dollars, despite the latter's lack of sports entertainment experience.[2] His early WWE matches were against Jerry Lawler, a ring veteran, to hide his inexperience and help him to adapt. Henry had moderate success over the following years, but was held back by weight problems. By 2000, he was demoted to the WWE's training facility in Ohio.


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