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Mark Moyar is a military historian who (as of 2006) serves as associate professor at the Marine Corps University. He studied international relations at Harvard and has a PhD from Cambridge University in Britain. He is the author of Triumph Forsaken: The Vietnam War, 1954-1965 (2006), the first volume of a two-volume history of the Vietnam war from a conservative perspective.


Working in the archives of primary sources, Moyar has reported new information that other historians have overlooked. He found that every country in Asia aside from China's allies supported American intervention in Vietnam. Many of those countries made previously unknown offers of combat troops and military aid. American intervention in Vietnam persuaded the Indonesian military to oust the pro-Communist President Sukarno; the Indonesia rollback was one of America's greatest victories in the Cold War.


He has also written about the Iraq War. In one op-ed in the New York Times, Professor Moyar avoided any discussion of Islam and compared the Iraq situation to the Vietnam conflict, despite the very different ideologies involved. Moyar concluded that an attempt at democracy in Iraq was desirable immediately in 2006 at nearly any cost:[1]

The United States may ultimately find that no Iraqi leader can neutralize both the insurgents and the militias. The benefits of a self-sufficient Iraqi government are so great, however, that we must give [Iraq Prime Minister] Mr. Maliki the opportunity to try.


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