Mark VIII Tank

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Mark VIII Liberty Tank
Mark VIII Liberty.jpg
Mark VIII tank coming off the production line
Type Heavy Tank
Origin Anglo-American
Entered production 1918
Length 10.42m
Width 3.76 m
Height 3.13 m
Weight 37 tonnes
Crew 10-12
Armor plate
Max. thickness 16mm
Primary amament 2 x 57mm L23 guns
Secondary armament 7 x 7.92 mm Hotchkiss machine guns or
5 x M1917 Browning machine guns
Suspension Unsprung
Max. road speed 5.25 mph/8.45 km/h
Operational range 89 km
Engine V-12 Liberty or
V-12 Ricardo
Power output 300 hp/323 kW
Power/weight 8.1 hp/tonne

The Mark VIII Liberty was an Anglo-American tank of the First World War.