Mary Stachowicz

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Mary Stachowicz (1951-2002) was a mother of four who was punched, stabbed, raped and ultimately murdered by a co-worker who disliked her criticism of his homosexuality. The murderer, Nicholas Gutierrez, then wrapped her body in bedsheets and plastic bags, and hid it by stuffing it into a crawlspace.

Gutierrez was eventually convicted of murder and the prosecutor sought the death penalty. "Knowing exactly what he did to my mother, he absolutely, 100 percent deserved the death penalty," said Stachowicz's daughter, Angie Ruffolo.[1] However, the judge refused to impose the death penalty and instead sentenced Gutierrez to life in jail.

On the ACLU online forum, some posters praised the murder.[Citation Needed] The liberal media largely ignored it. Leading homosexual groups did not condemn it.[2]


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