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Matt Hughes is the former welterweight champion (170 lbs) in the Ultimate Fighting Championship mixed martial arts. He is considered to be one of the greatest champions based upon the number of opponents he fought and the length of his reign. Hughes is hoping to recapture his title when he fights for the belt in December. He lost once before only to become champion again.

In one of his most famous fights, he defeated UFC pioneer and former champion Helio Grace, who hadn't fought in the UFC in several years, by ground and pound. No one had ever so dominated Gracie in the UFC.[1]

Hughes is known for his great wrestling skills, his great strength at his weight, and his extreme self-confidence. A farm boy at heart, while he is dedicated to his mixed martial arts career, he is more dedicated to his wife and children and is considering retiring to spend more time with his family even though he could have many years of fighting left. Hughes is a Christian and as a recent coach on the Ultimate Fighter TV series gave all of his team Bibles to read if they wished to do so.