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Michel Felice Corne (Island of Elba, Italy, 1752 - Newport, Rhode Island, 1845) was an Italian born, American Colonial Era painter. He specialized in Maritime Art but made also landscapes, portraits, and murals.

Corne became noted for his depictions of ships and naval battles of the War of 1812. He also painted numerous murals, and in 1810 did a mural cycle in the newly-built Sullivan-Dorr House. [1]


In Action, (1812), one of a series of four paintings depicting the battle between USS Constitution and HMS Gueriere, and done under the direction of Captain Issac Hull. (US Navy).

Corne Portrait of John Appleton.jpg

Portrait of John Appleton.

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Brig Attatant of Boston coming out of Naples c.1800.

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Mural in stairway (The Salem Athenæum).