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Mohammed Mossadegh (1882-1967) was a member of the Majlis (the Iranian legislature) from its beginning into the 1950's. Mossadegh became Prime Minister of Iran and nationalized the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. His association with Iranian Communists (the Tudeh Party) lead to his removal from power by a coup (Operation Ajax) orchestrated by CIA agent Kermit Roosevelt, President Theodore Roosevelt's grandson, despite Mossadegh's pledge of non-alliance to external political parties. (To this day, many Iranians reject Communism, believing it to be evil. In recent "Green Revolution" protests, young people not only chant "Marg Bar Dictator" - Death to the Dictator (the Ayatollah), they chant "Marg Bar Russe" - "Death to Russia".) The coup reinstated Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, more commonly known as the Shah of Iran, although he later fell to the Islamic Revolution led by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. [1]

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