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Murder, She Wrote was a popular dramatic television series during the 1980s starring Angela Lansbury and set in a fictional, sleepy, coastal town. Lansbury played Jessica Fletcher, a retired popular mystery novelist, who would encounter real-life murder mysteries and help solve them. Fletcher would then appropriate the solved mystery as material for her next novella. The creators of the show modeled her character on Agatha Christie.

The show was popular among pro-family advocates for its mild language, lack of nudity, and overall wholesome depiction of detective work and murder without excessive violence. Senior citizens were the largest demographic among viewers, frequently inspired by Fletcher's "go get 'em" attitude and her positive contributions to society despite her age.

The success of this show led to several other popular murder detective shows along the same vein, such as Columbo, Father Dowling Mysteries, and Diagnosis Murder. The show appeared in reruns in the late 90s on the PAX television network.

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