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Muriel Ostriche (24 May 1896, New York, New York - 3 May 1989, St. Petersburg, Florida) American actress. She often starred opposite the handsome Boyd Marshall. In 1913 and 1914 she was one of America's favorite actresses as well as Mary Pickford.

Thanhouser company, named a special brand in her honor, the so-called Princess films.

"One of the most wonderful examples of success as a photoplayer without having had any previous experience or training in stage work is Miss Muriel Ostriche, a dainty, bewitching little miss of 17 summers. Yes, it's true! She is only 17 and really looks younger. A bubbling bit of enthusiasm regarding her own work and the wonderful future in store for motion pictures, Miss Ostriche is a most entertaining little talker, and merely being with her imbues one with the same instinct of a determined ambition which means to win!" Frances Agnew, A 1913 Interview in Motion Picture Acting.

In 1980, Q. David Bowers made a book on the early film industry, "Muriel Ostriche: Princess of Silent Films" (1987). Hans J. Wollstein, All Movie Guide.

In 1918 she married Frank A. Brady, by whom she had two children, Gloria and Mollie. Divorcing Brady in 1926, she married Charles Wesley Copp, Jr., and with him had two children, Charles Wesley Copp III and Jean.


Some of her 138 films:

1921 The Shadow

1920 Betty Sets the Pace

1918 The Good for Nothing

1918 Journey's End

1918 Leap to Fame

1918 The Good for Nothing

1916 The Men She Married

1916 By Whose Hand?

1915 A Daughter of the Sea

1912 A Tale of the Wilderness

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