Mystery:Why Are Black Americans Still Poor?

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Black Americans are much poorer than White Americans, despite the fact that much racial discrimination officially became illegal over 40 years ago. Conversely, Asian Americans, who often started from equally humble backgrounds, are comparatively wealthy. This mystery is compounded by the lack of Christian values of many Asian Americans' upbringings. So why are Black Americans still poor?

Are Black Americans Really Poor?

Compared to White Americans, yes. However, Black Americans are much wealthier than many citizens of the more impoverished countries. [1] This is because of American conservative values.[2]

Possible Reasons for Remaining Poverty

Affirmative Action

Affirmative action trains people to think they are not good enough to earn things on their own.


Not only is abortion an expensive form of birth control (especially compared to abstinence), but it also leads people to devalue human life. Why bother to work for success if your life isn't worth anything anyway?


Liberal courts have been soft on crime. Prison thus fails to act as a deterrent to those tempted to crime and fails to keep determined criminals off the street. Instead, they are released on technicalities, only to prey on Black Americans.

Black Separatism

Groups like the Nation of Islam and leaders like Jeremiah Wright, despite holding some conservative values, encourage the liberal value of race-consciousness. They sometimes encourage separate institutions for Black Americans. Integration, especially with richer groups, increases the wealth of the integrated group.


The fact that liberals are beholden to teachers unions makes it impossible for schools to get rid of substandard teachers. An exceptional teacher in an under-served area may have the opportunity to transfer from that area into a better one, while a poor teacher is able to muddle through year after year without doing their students any good. This slavish dedication to corrupt union hiring policies clearly has a negative effect on urban Black populations which limits their later earnings. This is one reason why voucher programs have been incredibly popular in Washington DC, a city with a major Black population.


  2. See Also Mystery:Why Do Black Americans Vote For Liberal Candidates? for a discussion of Black Americans holding conservative values.