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The National Abstinence Education Association, is a well-known Christian organization devoted to the pursuit of abstinence education. Abstinence education is extremely important because it is the only known method of preventing teen pregnancy which is 100 percent effective. People who value life are vocal in its support of abstinence education for teenagers.

The National Abstinence Education Association provides funding to school districts that have expressed interest in sex education curricula that includes abstinence education. This funding is derived mainly from faith-based initiatives and from donors such as Richard Mellon Scaife.

A recent article on their website provides the following commentary: [1]

Data released today by the CDC indicates teen births rose in 2007 by 1% and represent the highest number registered in US history. As these numbers swell, it is important to evaluate the programs and dollars that have been appropriated to this pressing issue. We must apply well-rounded and penetrating analysis to ensure that our message of abstinence reaches teens. Once teens firmly grasp the principles involved, we expect that the numbers will reach a climax and begin to come down, slowly at first, then faster and faster, until teen pregancy is relegated to the annals of history.

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