National Association of Pro Life Nurses

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National Association of Pro Life Nurses also known as Nurses For Life, is a non-profit Pro-life organization seeking to establish and protect ethical values of the nursing profession. Nurses For Life "seek excellence in nurturing for all, including the unborn, newborn, disabled, mentally and or/physically ill, the aged and the dying."

In good conscience, nurses can deliver the best possible patient care while preserving, protecting and defending respect for human life. Per their website,

  • Defends nursing and para-medical personnel from discrimination and/or job loss for refusal to participate in practices which violate these values.
  • Demonstrates concern for those facing difficult choices involving life-taking decisions by education and promotion of positive alternative choices.
  • Seeks to develop life-affirming attitudes in the nursing profession by promotion of these ethical values to those we interact with in the workplace.
  • Involves the organization's members in the legislative process to promote life-affirming legislation.
  • Recognizes the value of and supports research beneficial to humanity when it is done with consideration for the dignity of the person involved and with their full and informed consent.
  • Rejects research involving people unable or unwilling to give their full, informed consent; and research which involves experimentation with dangerous procedures or drugs which impair or endanger the health and well-being of the person or their offspring.

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