National Institute for Clinical Excellence

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The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, given the acronym "NICE", makes decisions on what medical procedures and treatments will be reimbursed in England and Wales. It is an official authority under the National Health Service.

England has a two-tiered medical system, whereby the government rations the care that it reimburses, and delays can be very long. There is another tier for citizens who purchase their own care with their own money. The NICE entity is in charge with limiting and rationing the government-reimbursed care.

In 1946 C.S. Lewis wrote a novel dentitled That Hideous Strength, in which the arch-evil organization had the same acronym of "NICE", short for the National Institute for Co-operative Experimentation. The coincidence is coincidental, given English-speakers' propensity for creating acronyms that correspond to existing common English words.[1]