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Ripublik Naoero
Republic of Nauru

Flag of Nauru.png
FlagCoat of Arms
Language[[English, Nauruan]] (official)
PresidentBaron Waqa
Area8.1 sq. mi.
Population 20119,378
GDP 2006$36.9 million
GDP per capita$2,500
CurrencyAustralian dollar

Republic of Nauru, usually simply known as Nauru, is an island nation in the South Pacific Ocean. It has a population of about 12,000 people and a territory size of a mere 21 square kilometres, roughly the equivalent of about 0.1 times the size of Washington, DC. [1]


Once upon a time it was quite rich, because of all the mining of guano that took place, but now that the guano is nearly all gone the island is quite poor. It largely depends on Australia.[1] It has the notable distinction of being the most obese country in the world, with three quarters of its population being obese [2].


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