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NeoPopRealism is new style in visual arts. This style created and named by artist Nadia Russ, and the word NeoPopRealism appeared January 4, 2003.[1]

NeoPopRealism is the natural extension of art inventions of the past.

In the 20th century, Pop Art had the representatives Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol. Neo-Pop had its wild representation by Jeff Koons.

New millennium brought new style - NeoPopRealism, which combines brightness, simplicity of Pop Art and deep, philosophical realism, and has graphic nature. NeoPopRealism has nothing in common with style Neo-Pop. [2][3]

In 2004, artist Nadia Russ created NeoPopRealism ten commandments, philosophy of the new millennium.[4]

NeoPopRealism style and its philosophy were accepted by artists, who began painting in the new manner, such as Damien Hirst [1]and Bill Murphy, photographers and art lovers.[5]

At the end of 2006 and at the beginning of 2007 a few Ukrainian art museums added to its permanent collections Nadia Russ's NeoPopRrealism canvases and drawings. It is Sumy Art Museum, D. Burliuk Foundation, Lebedyn Art Museum and Simferopol Art Museum.[6]. Later her work appeared at the permanent collections of MOYA - Museum Of Young Art in Vienna, Austria; Ukrainian Museum in New York, USA; WEAM - World Erotic Art Museum in Miami Beach and Kinsey institute, Indiana University, USA. [7]

April 2007, Nadia Russ founded NeoPopRealism Journal and Wonderpedia, online publications dedicated to books, arts, culture, entertainment, celebrities. [8][9]

November 2008, she founded NeoPopRealism Starz International online Art Competitions.[10], which were active in 2008-2010 and discovered many intersting artists worldwide. These competitions led to publishing of art books "NeoPopRealism Starz: 21st Century ART" by Nadia Russ, two volumes. First vol. - ISBN: 9781441570857 (another format ISBN: 9781441531582) & 2nd vol. - ISBN: 9781450049955 (another format ISBN: 9781441592132)[11]


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