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North Louisiana History is the academic journal published twice annually by the North Louisiana Historical Association.[1][2]

Under the former title, Journal of the North Louisiana Historical Association, the journal was published quarterly from 1969 through 1998.[3] The publication is based in Shreveport, Louisiana, and currently edited by Emilia Gay Griffith Means, a retired history professor at Louisiana State University in Shreveport. The printing press for the journal is named in honor of the late Louisiana Tech University educator and regional historian John Ardis Cawthon.

The journal accepts articles for possible publication which focus on any part of Louisiana north of and including Alexandria, Louisiana.[4] An index of articles published between 1970 and 2005 is available online.[5] In addition to its scholarly articles, the journal recently began accepting personal reminiscences and essays relative to regional history, an art that Cawthon particularly pioneered during the 1970s.[5]

Starting in 1970, articles published in the journal have been abstracted and cited in America, history and life, Historical abstracts. Part A. Modern history abstracts, and Historical abstracts. Part B. Twentieth century abstracts.[3][6]


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