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Lega Nord is a conservative and right-wing populist party in Italy. It is led by Matteo Salvini.


While once a regionalist and left-of-center party, Lega Nord has since shifted strongly toward the right and tried to appeal to Italian voters throughout the country. Much of this shift occurred shortly before and after Matteo Salvini, who led the effort to expand it from just a regional party,[1][2] became its leader.

The party was renamed "The League" for the 2018 general election, and it made massive gains, quadrupling its vote share. While it strongly opposes immigration, it elected the first black senator in Italian history, contrary to left-wing caricatures of it.[3][4] Lega performed so well that it became the dominant party in its coalition, overtaking Silvio Berlusconi's establishment Forza Italia,[5] and Salvini had a very real chance of becoming Italy's prime minister.[6] In April 2018, during government coalition negotiations, the Northern League performed very well in an election in the Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.[7] In May 2018, the League and the fellow anti-establishment Five Star Movement agreed to a common platform, one that promoted strongly nationalist and anti-establishment policies.[8] Both parties allowed their voters to choose whether they approved of the coalition agenda.[9]


Lega Nord takes Euroskeptic positions[10] and also supports leaving the Euro.[11] It takes nationalist positions, supporting putting the Italian people first when making policy, as opposed to advancing globalist ideals.[12]

Lega Nord also takes a strong position against mass migration and Islam,[13][14] and it supports strong border security actions.[11] The League also supports enacting tariffs on foreign products.[15]

Under Salvini, Lega Nord has aligned itself with other like-minded parties and politicians in Europe, including the French National Front led by Marine Le Pen and Party for Freedom led by Geert Wilders.[5][16]


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