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Northwich is a town in Mid-Cheshire, England through which the River Weaver flows. The River Dane flows into the River Weaver in the town centre.

Historically much salt has been mined (and brine pumped) from under Mid-Cheshire. This has caused subsidence and many older buildings are built on frames to prevent damage. There is a Salt Museum in Northwich.

Brunner Mond manufacture chemicals such as sodium carbonate in the town. Previously the factories were owned by Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI). Salt is one of the main raw materials used by Brunner Mond. Roberts Bakery has been based in the town since 1887 and currently delivers to a wide area in England.

Northwich railway station is located close to the town centre. There are stations nearby in Greenbank and Hartford.

Northwich Victoria Football Club play in the Blue Square Premier League (professional / semi-professional soccer). Until recently Northwich Victoria played at the Drill Field, which was claimed to be the world’s oldest continually-used football stadium. Witton Albion Football Club play in the Unibond Premier League (semi-professional soccer)

The town’s cinema (the Regal) closed in 2007.

Its population is 19,259 (2001). This does not include adjoining villages.