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Peyton Manning

The lamestream media like to promote athletes based not on skill, but for liberal reasons. Here are the most overrated sports stars (none are among the Greatest Conservative Sports Stars).[1] Three on this list—Lance Armstrong, Tom Brady and Tiger Woods—have been punished for cheating.

  1. Andre Agassi — his rival Pete Sampras was far better,[2] but Sampras is conservative. Agassi is a big donor to Democrat politicians.
  2. Lance Armstrong — favored by the liberal media because he publicly denied belief in God, he pulled off perhaps the biggest scam in the history of sports by "winning" the Tour-de-France seven times with what has been described as "the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen." See also: Irreligion and unsportsmanlike conduct
  3. David Beckham — retired early to the American MLS league and then became a benchwarmer in the French League. His own British 2012 Summer Olympics team did not even want him; his real skill seems to be in catering to the liberal media.
  4. Tom Brady — probably the biggest sissy ever to play in the NFL, Brady gives up yardage rather than be tackled, and even ducks playing in Pro Bowl games.[3] On any team other than the Patriots, which is built around his weaknesses, Brady has played relatively poorly, such as when he did play in Pro Bowl games. He apparently required team staff to cheat by underinflating footballs for him for years, until finally caught in the 2015 AFC Championship game and suspended at length for it.[4] Brady has a relatively weak throwing arm, zero running speed, and requires tremendous pass protection to play well. The liberal media covers for him because his liberal, foreign-born wife is Anti-Trump and bosses Brady around.
  5. Kobe Bryant — was an overhyped bust at the 2012 Summer Olympics; hasn't won a single title without super-coaching by Phil Jackson, who observes that Bryant is not on the high level of Michael Jordan; Bryant's Lakers were pathetic in 2012-2013 while he was playing.
  6. Jason Collins — saw constant media coverage over him for being a homosexual even though he isn't even that good at basketball.
  7. Jim Harbaugh — out-coached to lose the Super Bowl in 2013, Harbaugh was next paid a massive multimillion-dollar contract to coach in college, where he led his Michigan team to a pathetically weak 5-2 start, yet the media continue to promote him with absurd stories like "5 Ways Jim Harbaugh Inspires His Team."[5]
  8. LeBron James — over-promoted by the media to an absurd extent. Outspoken Christian star Steph Curry is better, and another Christian star, Kevin Durant, outscored James (and Kobe Bryant) in the 2012 Olympics. LeBron has sometimes even underachieved in key playoff games. He helped Cleveland win a come-from-behind title in 2016, but again received absurd over-hype, such as the media claiming he is "superhuman". In 2018, LeBron's team was swept 4-0 by the Warriors as led by the underrated Durant and Curry.
  9. Magic Johnson — lucky enough to play on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's Lakers to win some titles, but was crushed by Michael Jordan and the Bulls; no problem, Magic was a critic of President George H.W. Bush, which thrilled liberals.
    • People look at him, and say, 'Hey, it's OK to get HIV because I'm living with it.' That is the wrong message. [3]
  10. Colin Kaepernick — Quarterback Alex Smith did most of the dirty work giving the 49ers a good enough record to make it to the playoffs after Smith was injured Kaepernick was named the starter, but they lost the Super Bowl. Following Smith's release, the 49ers have struggled while Smith's new team, The Kansas City Chiefs have done well. Liberals protect him because he is likely a communist.[6]
  11. Peyton Manning — a quarterback who won only two NFL championships in 17 seasons, on teams that carried him to victory with overpowering defenses; the media unjustifiably hyped Manning as one of the best ever and gave him numerous regular season honors. The liberal media treated him like the Second Coming of Christ in order to oust conservative Tim Tebow from his leadership position in the swing state of Colorado prior to the Presidential Election 2012. After replacing Tebow, Manning eventually caused a humiliatingly early exit for the Broncos from the 2013 playoffs by throwing two big interceptions and was even worse in a humiliating Super Bowl loss in 2014 and a first-round playoff loss in 2015. Called "a choke artist in the playoffs" for his many upset losses in the big games.[7]
  12. Steve Nash — an outspoken liberal who supported Obama, Nash was chosen twice by the lamestream media as the NBA MVP despite never leading his team to even an NBA Finals. Even worse, the former coach of Nash was then hired by the Lakers in late 2012, rather than a far better coach who was available.
  13. Danica Patrick - has won a single race in the Indy Car series, but has yet to win a race in either the NASCAR Sprint Cup or Nationwide series, finishing no higher than fourth, although ESPN promotes her first and foremost when showing highlights of the NASCAR races in which she participates. The lamestream media adores her for her participation in controversial GoDaddy television advertisements.
    Cristiano Ronaldo.
    For a more detailed analogous see here
  14. Cristiano Ronaldo - his spectacular talents have been ruined by his self-obsession, vanity, and cravings of celebrity. He is now officially "sad", despite being one of the luckiest men alive.
  15. Wayne Rooney - burst onto the scene as a 16-year-old and called "The English Pelé." 10 years on and he has still failed to fulfill his potential, especially at international level, and still behaves like a childish and immature 16-year-old.
  16. Ronda Rousey — A bully and a jerk. She threatened to beat up Justin Bieber (who has absolutely no martial arts experience) over childish nonsense. She's only really famous because of her sex appeal & supporting Bernie Sanders.[8] Ironically she was beaten by Holly Holm (who is supporting Trump[9] and has predictably not received any media attention[10]).
  17. Michael Sam — was heavily promoted by the media for being a homosexual despite not being a first-round draft pick and getting cut from the Rams before the start of the season.
  18. Mark Sanchez — while playing quarterback for the New York Jets he was touted as the team's best QB over conservative Christian Tim Tebow, despite Sanchez falling apart at the end of the 2011–12 season and continuing to perform poorly in the 2012-2013 season. When Tebow came to the Jets, liberals championed the former USC star Sanchez as the superior player despite his mediocre play throughout his career. As a result, Tebow was forced out of the Jets team and released at the end of the 2012-13 season.
  19. Tiger Woods — hasn't won a major golf tournament in nearly a decade, and yet he's still the only one liberals want to promote while reporting on tournaments - even when he's not even playing, as in the 2014 Masters. Woods has had a string of bizarre, unexplained injuries not typical among professional golfers. Masters' winner Sergio Garcia responded to criticism of him in the media by Tiger Woods by saying that is "probably the first thing he's told you guys that's true in 15 years."[11] Woods turned in an improper score card during the 2013 Masters (not taking his penalty for an illegal drop), for which a player would ordinarily be disqualified but apparently favoritism for Woods avoided the DQ.[12]

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