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Palexicon - Pallywood! Palestinian Arabs' very own lexicon.

The drama language of Pallywood [1], from exaggeration to falsification (in Israel's war against Arab Muslim initiated attacks where they cause Arab kids' deaths [in their known tricks of using them] in order to make Israel look bad) and even uttering outrageous terms to simply hurt feelings of an entire nation, like using the WW2 Holocaust.
Under title:The Islamo Arab CRIME on the 6,000,000 holy innocent victims of the [real] HOLOCAUST a blogger explains the "reasons" behind this criminal language: 'It entails a few fascist points, First: it seeks to dramatize the fallen as if it is not a battle but a “cold blooded campaign”, second: it seeks to diminish the uniqueness of that most outrageous crime in history, that of WW2 (where there was a clear plan to erase an entire creed from the face of the earth, there were no attacks from Jews upon Germans, nor were there any “battles” between the Nazis and all the 6 million or the 1.5 Million Jewish kids slaughtered only for pertaining to a certain origin), third: it seeks to hurt feeling of ALL Jews in the world.' [2] [3] [4][5] [6] [7]