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The Perverted Justice Foundation began in the summer of 2003 with the creation of, dedicated to address and counter the attempts of internet predators and pedophiles from having success abusing children. Self-funded, the definition of grass-roots activism, it started out with a hundred hits a day and the hope that it might get an arrest or two and an article or two about the problem of predators in chat-rooms. In their own words:

We are the Perverted-Justice Foundation. Of course, those new to our foundation likely have no idea what that means. This is a foundation unlike most, if any, other foundations you'll ever run across. We're a foundation that does not simply thunder about a problem, we don't merely advocate or preach against an issue from a distance. No, our foundation is a pro-active endeavor. We're aggressive. We're confrontational. We believe you have to be to make a difference in the fight against predators and pedophiles. We don't wring our hands and say "they're so evil, what can be done!" We find a way to get things done.

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