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Peter Popoff (born 1946) is a German-born U.S evangelist and con-artist who has spent most of his adult life pretending to treat physical ailments through the use of supposed faith healing. Reverend Popoff's shows have also featured audience members who were brought on stage in wheelchairs and who have subsequently risen dramatically to walk without support, though this was because Popoff used wheelchairs to seat people who were already able to walk .

His ministry is based in Upland, California, and is funded through donations. A widely popular minster in the 1980s, he was declared bankrupt in 1987 after James Randi, for a segment on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, proved that Popoff's wife, Elizabeth, was transmitting names and details of the lives of people in the audience, who had filled out prayer cards before sermons, to Popoff, proving to the world that he was a conman. Popoff would then claim he received the names directly from The Holy Spirit.[1]

Unfortunately, he has returned to national television, broadcasting his crusade services in which he claims to conduct miracles by laying his hands. Currently, Reverend Popoff is also known for sending packets of Miracle Spring Water to his viewers. The water is supposedly a solution to physical and financial problems. Very recently, he has resorted to mail fraud by distributing pamphlets and letters to random PO boxes throughout the UK urging recipients to send him £25 as a sacrifice to God so he can pray for them and solve their financial woes.[2]

Through all of this he has built a reputation for being nothing but a pathetic conman who makes money off people suffering from terminal illnesses, disabilities and financial problems, by claiming to be a prophet. He still continues to make millions to this day.


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