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Phebus, Backside, 2009.

Philippe Dubois (born 1958) is a Belgian painter. He uses the pseudonym "Phebus".

Autodidact painter, he also studied sculpture at the Academy of Art in Brussels (Saint-Gilles). He painted copies of works of Vincent van Gogh. Phébus (phebus) studied drawing, painting with Ben Genaux (Leers-Et-Fosteau) and the surrealist painter Georges Dubuisson (La Buissière). [1]

Wind sail Eole.jpg

In 1989 Dubois exposed his first paintings in the National Saloon of the Belgian railway company, where he won the first price of the public with the seascape "Eole". At present his painting has evolved to a more abstract art. In May, 2008 Dubois launched the movement "free-art" in Belgium, and in 2009, the movement "Blackside" .

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