Pontiac GTO

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The Pontiac GTO was possibly the first muscle car. It combined a powerful V8 engine with a mid-sized frame and body. The GTO became an American icon and spawned dozens of similar cars. It was rereleased in the 2000s, but instead of using an American car GM decided to use cars from the widely acclaimed GM-Holden rear wheel drive platform, which is designed and built in Australia. Initially an Americanised version of the universally praised Holden Monaro was used. After production of the Monaro stopped, a version of the HSV Commodore was used. The car sold reasonably well, but was cut due to GM's decision to terminate the Pontiac brand.

Chevrolet's NASCAR entry for 2013 will resemble the HSV Clubsport, which is the current version of what was being imported and branded as the GTO. The car will be produced in limited numbers.