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Words loosing their values
"Deceit and deception, falsehood and hypocrisy. In the eyes of this world nothing is too mean - if it leads to achieving the objective. Honor, character, principles – they play no role whatsoever. One thing is being said, other is being thought.[note 1] ... One thing is being said, other is being done. The word is losing its value because in the dirty politics, people do not know conscience, honor and morality. Anything goes there - there we are able to make alliance even with the devil, and yet we do it under the guise of and in the name of humanity, peace and justice!"
— Jozef Ondrej Markuš[1]
Living in a state of subjection
«The well-known English author, Somerset Maugham, wrote an important book entitled: Of Human Bondage. How easily men let themselves live in a state of subjection. You older people [in Germany] can remember how you submitted to Hitler. "I believed that two multiplied by two made twenty," many admitted. "I believed it because the Führer had said so!"»
— Wilhelm Busch[2]

Gleichschaltung (meaning "coordination", "making the same", "bringing into line")[3] was the Nazi policy enforcing political conformity in all sectors of society, from the economy and trade associations to the media, culture and education.[4] It is an example from the early days of the Nazi dictatorship of developing its own twisted and distorted language[note 2] used to manipulate and confuse citizens of a totalitarian state so that they no longer can distinguish truth from falsehood. Consequently, they are reduced to such a state of confusion[note 3] and impotence that the dictatorial government can control their hearts and minds. George Orwell’s famous books 1984 and Animal Farm are the classic fictional and symbolic statements addressing this aspect of totalitarianism. The Ministry of Propaganda established by Joseph Goebbels, best known for his media and social manipulation in Nazi Germany,[5] is used as model for the Ministry of Truth in the 1984 book.[6] Orwell reasoned that if a government could control all media and interpersonal communication while simultaneously forcing citizens to speak in politically controlled jargon, it could blunt independent thinking.[7] One of the key figures in the process of Gleichschaltung that established the Nazi dictatorship was Hermann Göring, who in 1933 banned all Roman Catholic newspapers in Germany.[8] When gleichschaltung is applied into the realms of science, it transforms science into scientism. The twisted scientific methods and self-serving research are then used to support particular political agenda of the party or pressure group having special interests.

Key figures

Joseph Goebbels, also called the virtuoso of lying propaganda took control of, not only the press, but also radio, film, theather, music, literature, and publishing, purging Jews and all opposition to Nazism from them. He was also behind The Eternal Jew and Jude Süss, now regarded for being the most notorious anti-Semitic films in history of film industry.[5]

The consequences of applauding falsehood

The nineteenth-century French economist, statesman, and author Frédéric Bastiat warned that "When misguided public opinion honors what is despicable and despises what is honorable, punishes virtue and rewards vice, encourages what is harmful and discourages what is useful, applauds falsehood and smothers truth under indifference or insult, a nation turns its back on progress and can be restored only by the terrible lessons of catastrophe."[9]

LGBTI Gleichschaltung

About “new human rights”
[We can observe] the emergence of “new human rights” which, not being generally recognized as such, in fact stand in radical contradiction to “traditional” ethical and cultural values; and, consequently, are also in conflict with the existing domestic legislation and jurisprudence in most countries. They bespeak a “fourth generation” of human rights which, unlike the second and third generations, do not build on the first generation of “civil liberties” and complement them with social and economic entitlements, but are of a truly revolutionary nature: what was once considered a crime is to be transformed into a right, and what was once considered justice, into a human rights violation.[note 4]
—Jakob Cornides[10]

In the course of few decades the radical homosexual activists have managed to adopt the terminology of human rights[11] in order to make the way for their particular interests hence depriving the human rights of their true content.[12] LGBTI campaigners have been using the language of rights[13] in an attempt to add moral force to what are nothing more than personal desires. In many cases they have bypassed the democratic process and succeeded in imposing their views on the rest of the population by force of law given not by parliaments but created from judicial bench by means of judicial activism.[14]

In his short satiric video sketch titled Modern Educayshun, Neel Kolhatkar shows how policies of LGBTI Gleichschltung disguised under the label of Gender equality delve into the potential dangers of modern increasingly reactionary culture bred by social media and political correctness.[15]

The most frequent terms in LGBTI gleichschaltung

Sexual orientation

The term Sexual orientation is used by “gay” activists to deceive both policy makers and the public about the nature of homosexuality, which should be more accurately termed a sexual disorientation.[note 5] The LGBTI, or gender nonsensical theory about sexuality was invented by “gay” political strategists to serve their own selfish interests at the expense of the welfare of society as a whole. It helps to frame the debate about homosexuality in such a way that the average person is tricked into accepting “gay” presuppositions without challenge and even those people who continue to oppose the homosexuals’ political goals start using their twisted language. Once the presuppositions have been accepted, especially when they become “law” in so called "anti-discrimination" policies, resistance to rest of the “gay” agenda becomes much more difficult. The only effective counter-strategy is to reject and refute the false assumptions of sexual orientation and re-frame the issues on a truthful foundation.[22]


Homophobia is an obscure psychiatric term originally coined to define “a person’s fear of his or her own same-sex attraction.” It has been redefined and misused by the political strategists of the “gay” movement such as George Weinberg in order to ostracize all disapproval of homosexuality as a form of hatred and fear akin to mental illness (a phobia is an anxiety disorder). The word “homophobia” is today not a scientific term, but a propaganda tool for psychological manipulation. As a rhetorical weapon, it serves:

  • first to define anyone who opposes the legitimization of homosexuality alias sodomy as a hate-filled bigot
  • the term can be used as the semantic equivalent of “racist,” helping the “gay” movement further indoctrinate the public with the notion that opposition to homosexuality is equivalent to prejudice against racial minorities
  • collectively, the word “homophobia” serves pro-“gay” advocates to intimidate opponents into silence.

When any expression of opposition to homosexuality alias sodomy draws the accusation that one is a mentally-ill bigot equivalent to a racist, few people will venture to express their opposition to sodomical lifestyle publicly. Those who still will do, will also tend to be defensive, offering the disclaimer that they are not hateful, thus unintentionally but implicitly validating the lie that hatefulness and not valid objections is the general rule. The solution countering this LGBTI gleichschaltung is to reject the term “homophobia” itself as harmful and illegitimate. Its illegitimacy can be exposed by making the "gay" sophists define the term with emphasis on the distinction between "homophobia" and non-homophobic opposition to sodomical lifestyle based on presenting valid arguments, such as, for example, scientific thought experiments. They will reveal that they accept no opposition to their agenda as legitimate.[note 6]


Heterosexism is another artificial word invetned by LGBTI political startegists and sex reformers. It has been designed to derogate the scientific conclusion that natural family framed in traditional marriage of one man and one woman should be accepted as the best norm for society in order to ensure its integrity, and that this norm should be upheld and valued in social institutions, including public schools. Totalitarian supporters of gender ideology striving in their activism for acceptance of deviant sexual behaviours insist that words such as "wife," "husband," "father" and "mother" used in association with family life are "discriminatory" and should not be taught to children.[22] They are trying to enforce into schools their politically correct educational programs, such as one called “Proud Schools” in Australia, thus advancing their political agenda under the fig leaf of promoting tolerance and an anti-bullying message.[23]


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