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A psychopath is someone with an anti-social personality disorder characterized by violent, perverted or amoral behavior often leading to criminality. Psychopaths have little or no concern for other people. They equate love with sexual arousal.[1]

When one turns to psychopathy, one tends to reject all emotions except for anger and hatred, the latter one feels toward mankind in general. All other emotions are faked to the benefit of the psychopath. This leads to the complete rejection of the social order, and the belief that the only crimes that are wrong are the ones one in which one gets caught; all morality is also abandoned. Any religion a psychopath once belonged to is usually rejected, and only preserved by selfish, fallacious arguments such as Pascal's Wager. Naturally, psychopaths cannot be true Christians. Though most psychopaths out-grow such absurdity by the age of forty, they can also be cured by discovering the wonders of Christ, and committing themselves to them.