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Scientific classification
Kingdom Information
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Information
Phylum Chordata
Class Information
Class Mammalia
Order Information
Order Perissodactyla
Sub-order Hippomorpha
Family Information
Family Equidae
Genus Information
Genus Equus
Subgenus Hippotigris
Species Information
Species E. quagga
Subspecies E. q. quagga
Population statistics
Conservation status Extinct

The quagga (Equus quagga quagga) is an extinct animal that looked like a cross between a zebra and a horse. However, people acquaint it more with the zebra, due to the stripes. It is believed that the quagga went extinct due to ruthless hunting for food and leather by South African farmers.[1] The last of the quagga, kept in European zoos, died in the 1880s.[2]