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An organization started in Houston, Texas in 2008. RagingElephants.org was founded by Aposlte Claver T. Kamau-Imani, host of the Houston radio talk show, The Christian Politician, heard daily in Houston from 9-11am CST. RagingElephants.org has started taking conservative principles and values into the African-American communities of America.


Leading America’s 2nd Emancipation

  • Dedicated to advance the cause of conservatism-libertarianism by growing the ranks of conservative voters through RACIAL DIVERSITY. We envision a rejuvenation of conservatism by seeing more Americans of color join the movement.
  • We will educate those that have been shackled by the chains of liberal/socialist ideology about its destructive nature and challenge them to reconsider their party affiliations that promote such political ideology.
  • In regards to “public servants” that promote an agenda of liberalism/socialism and anti-constitutional legislation, we will be confrontational and peaceful agitators. RagingElephants.org will expose actions by “public servants” that will consequentially damage the fabric of American society and its founding principles.
  • We will consistently launch civic-grassroots offensives to effect transformation of the political topography throughout the communities of color.
  • Our primary vehicles to accomplish our goal will be through mass communication ad campaigns, Internet technology, and interpersonal relationships fostered through grassroots organizing.
  • It’s our hope and prayer that through the AGGRESSIVE and OFFENSIVE activities of RagingElephants.org that more candidates of color will conclude that a conservative platform is the choice and path for victory. We would like to offer support to such candidates with policy research and initiatives that will strengthen their potential for victory and guide their course of governance.
  • We will be a doorway to the communities of color for current conservative office holders and Caucasian candidates that find it difficult to establish a voice and beachhead in those communities that have historically been hostile to the conservative-libertarian message and messengers.
  • RagingElephants.org also seeks to be a source of inspiration for the general electorate that embraces the purity of liberty, the constitution, and the spirit that this country was founded through.
  • Although not a religious organization, we work for the glory of the Lord Jesus, in whom we put our trust and salvation. We work for the appreciation and preservation of United States of America — which was created in covenant with the One True Living God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Let HIM be praised!

RagingElephants.org made news in July 2009 for a billboard campaign they started in Houston.

The first to cover the billboard story was the Houston Chronicle [1].

A local news station covered the billboard campaign [2].

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