Red states and blue states

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The concept of Red states and blue states refers to a mapping technique used by the Mainstream media for visually illustrating the winners of states in elections.

Lake Reagan

Over time, the colors have shifted.[1] In earlier elections, there was no set pattern and in many cases, blue represented Republican gains.[2] Most notably, at the conclusion of the 1980 Presidential Election members of the media referred to the landslide election of Ronald Reagan as a "suburban swimming pool"[3] or "Lake Reagan."[4]

Red is the color of Communism, and some believe that the effort by the mainstream media on behalf of the Democrat Party to permanently impose the color red on Republicans is a deceitful effort to distance the Democrats from its increasingly socialist governance.[1]

Most states in the southern region, except for Florida, Arkansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, West Virginia (purple states), and Virginia (blue state) are red as well as all states in the center of the country (descending from North Dakota to Texas). Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Wisconsin and Indiana also tend to favor Republican candidates.

The entire New England region as well as the West Coast states tend to favor Democrats. Illinois, Colorado, New Mexico, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and Minnesota are also Democrat strongholds.

The other states are known as "purple states" or "swing states".